say hello to my little friend; or, the sound of music

I couldn't decide between ironic or corny so I just went with both movie references for today's post!!

Shortly before Christmas, I talked about antique pianos, and the opportunity that presented itself for us to have one- and after much coordinating of manly muscles, she's here.

Our new addition to our home is a 1910 Andrew Kohler piano.


This is a massively heavy piece, and it took 6 guys to move it into place. 
Add to that, the day we had to move it was pouring down rain- and I mean pouring!
Fortunately, it did let up for a small window at just the right time they were moving it. 
We know a little bit about the history, but even in Googling it, there just isn't a ton of info on the maker.  If you know any more history on Andrew Kohler, please pass it on- I'd love to know.

My dad thought I'd paint it white, but there is no way I'm covering up the stunning wood grain!
It is solid oak.  I love the dark stain on it!
My plan is to put some white or light colored accessories on top, but for now, it's empty.

One feature that I adore on this piece, is that when the lid to the keyboard is open, the front pops open a bit for the music-
...when you shut the lid the front goes in so it's completely vertical
(you can see in these 2 photos what I mean)

Pretty cool, huh?  :)

Even the stool that came with the piano is amazing. I'm not sure the previous owners wanted to let it go, but for whatever reason, they did.

Aren't the feet spectacular?!

The sound from this old beauty is so much different than a newer piano.  I love it.
Our daughter couldn't wait to start practicing on it! I love that it's in the center of our house so we can hear every time she's playing it. 
That in itself- trying to find an interior wall where it would fit, was a miracle!
Our home has such an open floor plan, this was literally the ONLY spot it would fit, and the measurements fit to a T. 
It was meant to be.

Thanks for letting me share our new addition with you. 
It makes me smile every time I walk past.  It's hard to resist not playing a couple notes, even though I have no history of piano lessons whatsoever!
(I was a flute and sax girl for a short period of time....)

Happy Tuesday friends!


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  1. Oh!! This is just breathtaking! Congratulations!! And I love the history!

  2. Denise the piano is absolutely gorgeous! I don't think that I would paint it either! I hope that you find out some info on the maker.

  3. Old pianos are the best although they are heavy. Our son was given one when he was in kindergarten (the year he started his lessons.) Fast forward several years and when it was time for the piano to find a new home, we found another child who was just beginning lessons and passed it on. Makes me wonder whatever happened to the piano. We did keep the stool though.

  4. Wow!!! This is gorgeous! I love it!
    Have you seen Tine's (Vintage) painted piano? It's really pretty, I don't know, I'm torn. Right now I'm going to paint my grandmothers sewing machine and feeling guilty :)

  5. Keep her just like she is...she is soooo PRETTY!!!


  6. Wow it looks great. Don't paint it white!

  7. Wow! This piano is a treasure! I'm glad you are not painting it -- that wood is amazing:)

  8. Gorgeous! I love the color and the details! Nice find!!

  9. Wow, wow and wow! I love all the details (and those feet on the stool so neat). It is in such perfect shape, I could never paint it. The wood grain really is beautiful. Your daughter is a lucky lady to get to practice on this piece. Enjoy the decor value AND the music : )

  10. Hi Denise, what a wonderful blessing to have received this gorgeous piece. It definitely will change your family. It's so great that your daughter is interested in playing. It's really beautiful, the wood is exceptional. I know you'll be having so much fun.

  11. Wow, what a beautiful piano. I had looked and some vintage restored piano's but not in my budget......I love this one it one of the prettiest I have seen! Enjoy

  12. Wonderful instrument! Oh how blessed you are to have music ring through your home! My little girl is grown and on her own and I so miss those music lesson days and endless practice sessions that filled our home with music from her fingers!


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