packages from the UPS man are the best!

It's here! It's here! 

I finally made up my mind and bought something with the Pottery Barn money I won on two separate giveaways over the last couple months!

Thank you so much Mary at Urban Farmgirl, and Val at ValSoCal for hosting the giveaways.  You have no idea how excited I was!  A virtual hug from me to both of you lovely ladies.
So without further ado, here is what I selected:

PB's Diamond Dobby indoor/outdoor rug!  I really really really wanted an outdoor rug for our front porch last summer, and just never got one.  I could never decide if I should go with a color or not.   I loved this one because it's neutral, looks like a sisal, is hose cleanable, and super soft on the feet. 
(I already tested it out.  Aahhhh!)
I was able to get it on clearance, so I still have a wee bit more moola to spend- still thinking about it, but I think I know what the rest of it will be going towards.

Bella was also very excited about the whole thing- I had a hard time keeping her away from it while I cut open the packaging!!

Licking it....

Sniffing it.....

Testing it out.
See that slight wild look in her eye?  She was hopping around on it like a cat on a hot tin roof!

And, a closer look, sans Bella.

I tried to take it out on the porch to show you how it would look with our porch swing and twig chairs, but we had a big wet storm come through last night and the deck was all wet.  I didn't want to get it wet and dirty and then bring it back inside!
(even though it can get wet and's still new, I'm breaking it in gently...)

So here's some pics from last summer, where it will be hanging out on the floor with these guys:

I could use some sun and flowers right about now!

Thanks again, Mary and Val!!


  1. Nice rug, but I must say it looked even more beautiful with Bella on it. Gotta love Pugs.

  2. Great choice! Love Pottery Barn and your new rug :-)

  3. Aww, Denise! What a great choice!! I have eye'd this rug myself!! LOVE IT.

  4. OK, I LOL'd at Bella's tongue shot!! HAHA - great pic! Oh, and a nice rug! :)

  5. Such a nice rug Denise!
    Your Bella is so cute..I have a Bella too!
    It will look lovely on your porch in the summer...beautiful swing...Im longing for summer right about now :)

    Deborah xo


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