office makeover: chair slipcover and some goals

A lot of bloggers have been sharing their word for the year, resolutions, or goals.  I've been pondering them in my head for a few weeks, and I guess I have two words that keep coming to the foreground:


I really am trying to focus more- to not have the squirrel mentality, but really focus on a project and see it through as long as finances allow it.
(really, I think that's a funny way to say it- squirrels seem pretty focused- they gather up enough food for winter, right??)

I am also determined to get my business going.  I want to be able to fully participate in at least one show this year (with enough product to make it worthwhile), and to really make a go of this.
It's been my dream to be able to shop for flea market items and clean/fix/restore them for resale, and to also make vintage repro signs.
So why do I waste my time during the day doing things that won't lead to that end result?
My goal is to devote an hour a day just for my Etsy items that I am creating.

As far as balance, I think every working mom struggles with this. 
Whether you work out of the home, or in the home, it's a challenge. 

For my overall well being, exercise is a priority. 
My spiritual health is a priority, and I devote time during my week in the Word. 
My blog and my projects are a priority for my creative side- and believe me, when I've let this part of me slip, I genuinely feel a depression come over me.  God created each of us with gifts that He has given us, and to let that go to waste by not using them, does create some natural consequences in our souls!

And of course, being a wife, mom, and home maker are a huge priority!
I have no idea how it's all going to come together, but I think cutting out a chunk of TV time would do the trick.

On to the slipcover!

whew.  It seems like doing something the second time around should make it easier, but it wasn't for this project.  Here's the (almost) final outcome:

I say *almost* because it is in fact done, but I have some embellishing to do on the back of the chair- some buttons and some jute trim to hide the staples.

If you're looking for a tutorial on how to do it, I won't be posting one!
I'm not teasing, it's just that it was a lot of pulling, tucking, trimming, stapling, and folding!
And like I said in Friday's post, it's not perfection, but it turned out pretty well in a room that just the three of us use.  We use the chair here and there, but usually only when someone is waiting to get on the computer!

Here's some before pictures, and then I'll show you the process I used to put the starfish on the seat back.

The rocker in it's in between stages- the original stained green (VERY well upholstered, I might add- just the wrong color!) and the stripes I had on there previously. 
You can see with the rugs I will be using it was waaaay too stripey.

Bella is always nearby to help lend her support on my projects.

Since I was using a very plain fabric for the chair, I felt like it needed a little something on it to cute it up.
I snagged a starfish from my urn, and traced the shape onto some paper.
Then, I enlarged it 150%, cut it out, and traced it again onto some Heat n Bond.

I thought burlap would mimic some of the texture that you see on a real starfish.

Even though burlap tends to fray easily, the glue from the Heat n Bond should keep all the strands in place.
Ironed on the first side, peeled the paper backing....

...and then I just ironed it directly onto the chair!

I will also be adding a pillow to the chair in some kind of blue, I'm not sure if I will make it or purchase one.

Here's the side view of the chair.
(pssst. here's a little secret I'm going to tell you...)
The fabric around the arm rest didn't quite meet up to the fabric on the chair back. 
So I improvised.
I made some faux ties and hot glued them to hide the gap!  
It'll just be between you and me, okay?

There you have it!
Here's the rope shelves with the chair- I need to start working on my area rug, but I need to get one more from Ikea.  (an hour away)
These are pretty much all the books I'll be adding to the shelves, and I've done some "just for now" accessorizing.  I hope to accumulate some more beachy items to add in.
(maybe a vintage fan, an old map of Hawaii behind the shelves, some greenery- you get the idea)

I also wanted to let you know with the New Year goals so many of us have- if opening an Etsy shop is on your to do list, check out their tips for success. 
Even though I'm still in the baby steps of starting my own, I've found the advice to be super helpful!

Happy Monday!

edited: I can't believe I forgot to add this in before I hit "publish"!!!

I had to say it.

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  1. Very cute Denise! I love the starfish!! I think that you did a amazing job. Your room is coming together so wonderfully!!

  2. The starfish is great! Good luck with your goals and resolutions!

  3. Hi Denise, It all looks so good to me and Bella looks happy too. I have the same problem with burlap, what a good idea to use the iron on backing. The chair looks fabulous. I enjoyed this post and your words of wisdom....very true.
    Happy New Year

  4. Your chair looks so cute! You did a great job. I love the little starfish detail.

  5. Hi Denise!

    You are really making great progress on the home office. I love the shelves and the starfish rocking chair. Like the little ties on the side. Cute!

    We don't have a heated garage. In fact, our house was built in 1922 so our garage isn't even attached. I have a little workshop where I paint (in the basement). I don't do big projects in the winter. Good that folks don't shop for big pieces in the winter, either. Who wants to lug a huge piece in the cold, snow and ice?!

    Good luck pulling the rest of the room together. I'll be back by ;D ~Michelle


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