date night and decorating

We were so overdue for a date night it's not even funny.  As in, maybe four months ago was the last time we went out together?
We were supposed to go to another event Saturday night, and it fell through, but we already had Mimi and Papa lined up to watch our girlie, so we decided to make a night of it.

I really wanted to try out a new restaurant in town, but I asked my hubby what he'd like to do. 
"Oh, I was thinkin' maybe we could go up to IKEA and Home Goods and then grab a bite to eat."

I love this man.

We got a frozen yogurt cone right off the bat when we got to the Swedish superstore, and walked around looking at all the fun stuff- talking about home projects and wish lists.  I was really only needing to get a $3.99 rug, but I also ended up snagging a pair of curtains that I've been wanting for a long time now.

Have you noticed my not so matching dining room curtains? 

Bleh. Me too.
They were great while everything was brown, but since we painted over the beige, we've been going with a lot more white, and the tan and brown curtains were just screaming at me.  I really wanted to just take them down and not even have curtains up until we could get some different ones in their place, but I didn't even do that.

I hoped that by adding in a turquoise element (the tiebacks) that it would tie in together better. 
As you know, I really love ball fringe- even though it's more of a tassel fringe, it still has the vintage feel of ball fringe.  It just wasn't working.

Here's the after with the new lighter, airier, white curtains:

Don't worry- the urns will be "sprouting" some topiary balls soon.  :)

I added these to the windowsills to draw the eye in to the room.
Because as you can see, we have a lovely view of our neighbor's garage window and vents.
We are close enough to pass Grey Poupon through the window!
(that's an '80's reference to a funny commercial- just in case you're too young to remember what I'm talking about!)

My husband had never been to a Home Goods before, and he really liked it! (I'm such a lucky girl.)
They had a display of these apothecary jars, all for $15.99 and under.
We got two- my plan is to make a centerpiece of varying sizes and shapes.
I have a smaller third jar that I got for Christmas.

The next few things for the dining room will be some white slipcovers for our end chairs- either in linen or cotton, some white chair pads, a long table runner, and a linen chain cover for our chandelier.
 I'm working on that right now!

It really was a fun weekend- shopping with my honey, yummy pasta for dinner, and we took our daughter to a matinee before we headed out for the evening.
We had some gorgeous weather on Saturday, and I was able to get some plants prepped for spring.
I even got a little painting started on some of my pieces that are waiting in the wings.

Remember the mirror I bought for our half bath?

 It already looks so much different than when I bought it. 
Hoping I can get it out again today to finish touching it up, but we're hovering on the temperature being warm enough.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. 
Happy Monday!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome date night to me! Love all your finds- HomeGoods is my home away from home :)

  2. Love those new curtains, they look great in your dining room! Ikea is a great date place for us too!! And those Apothecary Jars are SO great! Had to laugh at the Grey Poupon reference, I need to remember that not everyone grew up in the 80's and are old enough to remember that commercial :-)

  3. The new curtains look great! I love HomeGoods, and the new jars are really fun.

  4. Pardon me sir... :)

    Love the curtains! Sounds like a FAB date night to me!! Your hubby is a keeper. :)

  5. Love the curtains and the jars. I love white slipcovers, but I wouldn't suggest linen, I'd go for a heavier, washer friendly fabric.

  6. Um, can your hubby talk to my hubby about date night ideas!? You are a lucky girl!! :) I love the curtains, they are so pretty and the dining room looks brighter already! :) And the jars, yes please! Great deal! I can't wait to see the rest when you are finished, it will gorgeous. "Would you pass the Grey Poupon?" Ha ha, Loved it!!

  7. Lovely curtains, love the apothecary jars - can't have enough. The best part is sharing finding these treasures with your sweetheart!


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