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These spaces to be edited.

For a few months now as I've been hitting the thrift shops, I have come across some beautiful vintage pianos.
One in particular that I admired was a matte black upright with some beautiful German Crosses carved into the face. (I'm probably not labeling it right, but you know- where the sheet music goes)

It sold.

Another one a couple weeks ago was a gorgeous upright marked 75% off and the price was already low to begin with.  I could have walked out with it for around $25.  No joke.

We have a budding musician in our family, and currently, she has a keyboard she's been using to practice on at home.  It's been great since we didn't know the level of commitment she would give to it.
(a year? 6 months?  two years?)
She's shown us that she really enjoys it, and it's really starting to take off with her.

Currently, her keyboard sits on her playroom windowsill and she practices there. 
She has a lovely view, but let's face it- not so great for long term use.

But recently, I saw a piano and it's a great deal. 

I couldn't have wished for something more!
I had a spot all picked out in our house, but of course when I looked at the piano, I didn't take any measurements.
????  I don't know either.  Silly.
Well, today I got the measurements, and it couldn't be more perfect.
It's like it was meant to be!

So, in the near future, you may see this space looking different:

Well, obviously, the Christmas decorations will only be there a couple more weeks!
But the buffet may have a new home over here:

Remember a couple days ago when I was saying I wanted to put something here for our kitchen makeover?
The buffet holds a lot of our serve ware, so it's not out of the question to put it here.  And, like the measurements for the piano in the buffet space, the buffet's measurements fit perfectly in the new space!
Meant to be!

So now the real fun begins. 
Piano moving. 
I'll let ya know how that goes since I will be the one supervising and cringing as an 800 lb piece gets moved around some tight corners to the front door!

Hannah will have to say goodbye to her view out the window for practice time, but I will get to enjoy hearing her more.

Stay tuned!
(no pun intended.)


  1. My son wants a guitar...not much decorating involved there...

    Can't wait to see the new piano!

  2. How fun, I love the piano and grew up playing! So glad it is going to fit :)

  3. lol how fun!!
    I cant wait to see it!
    How lovely that your daughter loves piano..always wanted to be able to play!
    Merry Christmas Denise!!!!

    With all my heart...Deborah xoxo


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