progressive dinner party table

Let me start out by saying that this post was supposed to be yesterday's, but thanks to some technical difficulties with Blogger, I had to scrap it and use one I already had in draft!

Saturday night marked the Second Annual Progressive Dinner with our friends.  Yes, these are the same friends that I talked about with Frogmore Stew, and our wine tasting party.
We started this fun little evening last year, because it was a great way to get together and see each other's homes at the holidays.

We have a lot of fun leading up to the evening with nicknames for the houses, "free" ornaments, (that dates back to an ornament exchange YEARS ago where I ended up with a much coveted ornament, and it is still under threat of being stolen off of my tree!)  LOL!
And just general, memory making fun.

I had fun putting my table together- I always seem to do it last minute, which doesn't seem like me, but with our busy schedule, it just seemed to work out that way! 
I saw a beautiful idea on the Nate Berkus show for a simple holiday centerpiece.
Here's my own version of it:

I cleared off the Advent centerpiece and left our runner on the table. 
I got this last year at a craft store.  It's actually towel ticking. The nice thing about it is that I only had to hem the ends, since the sides are already finished!

The version that Nate had used some cedar garland.  I really wanted to get some, but for various reasons, I didn't.  We always get some for our front porch, and it just isn't happenin this year.  Oh well.
I went to my trimmed Christmas tree greens (yep, still have some, and still usin' em!)
and layed those out in the middle. 

Our house was the "side dishes" stop, so I served fondue and salad.  (we ended up having an Italian themed dinner....) So that is why the fondue pot is in the middle.  :)
Nate had used flower bud vases in his centerpiece- I used our stemless champagne flutes. 
Then, I mixed in some red votives as well.

 I purchased an inexpensive small pot of red poinsettias, and trimmed off a few of the blooms.  I put a single bloom in each of the 'vases' on the table.  (Nate used red rose blooms, in case you were wondering)

I started setting the table and used my new $10 antique store china find!  :)
The plates are from the 1940's and are what a dinner size plate used to be- which is smaller than what they are today- so it was looking a little wimpy all by itself on the table.
At about this point, I was wishing I'd splurged and bought some sparkly placemats or some chargers. 
It really needed something
 So, I went upstairs to my stash of vintage sheet music and tore out some sheet music placemats!

I tied our silver with a simple piece of twine and layed it on the napkin.
For some finishing touches I added in a couple sugar pine cones and some silver tinsel (thanks Michelle!)throughout the centerpiece.

Once again, here's the finished look together:

We had such a fun night eating and enjoying each other's homes and traditions.
We all live in the same community, and our houses are literally five minutes away from each other, so it was nice to have such short drives to each home.
Here's my favorite picture of the evening that our friend Rex took of my hubby and me:

Lois had a gorgeous silver wintry table set up, and as you can see in the background, a stunning tree.

I'm sporting a new 'do, I really need to update my profile picture now!  :)
I hope you all enjoyed your weekends and some time with friends.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. It is just beautiful!! I love the sheet music for place mats and the tinsel is perfect! ;) The picture of you and your hubby is adorable!! Glad that you had fun!!

  2. So lovely! I love the sheet music place mats. We used to do a progressive dinner as our Christmas party for our Sunday school class. It was lots of fun, but I don't remember any tables as pretty as yours.

  3. Gorgeous! I wish we could do a progresive dinner but our friends all live too far away to make it practical. Love the silverware tied with string!!

  4. Hi there Denise- loving those sheet music placemats!! What a fantastic idea! You and hubby look adorable in your pic- sounds like a fun evening for sure :)

  5. Hi Denise, what a great table and your centerpiece, tablerunner and settings are gorgeous. Love that idea of the sheetmusic placemat! You're "do" is just darling!! Thanks so much for linking up with VIF!

  6. What a pretty table! Your center looks just lovely. I like that you took Nate's idea and made it your own. The sheet music for placemats was a brilliant idea!

  7. Beautiful table setting, love the china pattern too. It looks like you all had a really great time. Thank you for sharing your home and happy holidays!

  8. Beautiful table, love the music sheets as placemats for those lovely plates.

  9. The sheet music placemats were a genius idea! They solved your problem of wimpy plates, AND they are an original design element for your wonderful tablescape. I'm glad to know that the future of gracious entertaining is in such capable hands. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay


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