new etsy item and a project I can't wait to get my hands on!

Last weekend I did my thrift shop outing and found some great items!
One for me, two for you! (isn't that how it's supposed to go?)

First, I found this awesome vintage ice bucket. 
 It was one of those things where I saw it, I liked it, I grabbed it.
I love the lid with the wood and metal finial.
The monogram is a nice bonus.
(fortunately in a letter that is common!)
And it's silver.  At least silver-ish.
I wasn't exactly sure what kind of metal this was, but it seemed like either stainless or aluminum??

I didn't care about the pedigree, but as curiosity would have it,
I thought, oh yeah, I guess I should see if it has any markings. 
Yes.  Yes, it did.

First, there is the Pyrex marking inside.
Pyrex is good. 
Then examining it some more, I saw this little castle with some initials and a marking that said Buenilum.
(typing that into Google, clickety clickety)
Here's what I found:

The designer is Frederic Buehner (1908 - 1971) A German immigrant who developed a type of aluminum to be used in decorative food serveware.  He started the company in the early '30's and later sold his company to Pfaltzgraff in 1969.
The same division that manufactured these items closed it's doors in 1979.
I love finding little treasures like this!
This is now listed in my Etsy shop, you can also view it on my tab at the top of my page.
Next, as I was looking around I spotted this table.  I couldn't find a price tag anywhere on it, so I just kept on going.  And going.  Right home in fact. 
And then I got the thrift shop shoulda coulda woulda. 
So I went back to the store, eyes frantically looking to see if it was still there.
This time I had my daughter with me, and we looked all over this thing for a price tag.  Nothin.
I went up and asked about it.
Did I mention it was 60% off day?  :D
I can't really do much with it right now since the humidity is so high, but when I have some dry weather, this coffee table will be getting a makeover!  Can't wait to get my hands on it!
And finally, some items for me.
These were also a 50% off item- they were all wrapped up together for the whopping price of $1.25!
These will hopefully help my craft room get organized. 

Which, by the way is getting worse by the minute.
I should just call it the



  1. Great finds! I can't wait to see what you do with the table!!

  2. Hi there Denise~ Love your finds- the silver bucket is delightful! I had the shoulda coulda woulda on a serving platter...but I missed out on it! I have been looking for one since... can't wait to see what you do with your table!

  3. I loveeeeeeeeee. Wonderful treasures.

  4. I have been scowering Craigslist for that coffee table! Great find!


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