I'm glad I didn't buy the advent candleholder

Last year my husband and I were in a Christian bookstore and were looking for an advent candle holder for our family.  We were pretty much cashed out for Christmas money, so we were trying to find something that wasn't going to leave us penniless. 
(not really, but it seems like that at the end of the Christmas budget sometimes, doesn't it??)

We were soooo close to buying a little bit of a thing, and I just couldn't do it.
And I have to admit, I know that there are very specific colors that go along with the Advent candles: pink, lavender and gold...
but I just didn't like that it clashed with all the my other Christmas stuff!
(Is that sacrilege??)

I finally decided to make my own simple version of it, in colors I liked. 
And you know what?  I think Jesus will be ok with that.

I used the same wooden tray from PB that I got for my Thanksgiving centerpiece.

I put one of my silver trays in the middle for a little bit of sparkle.
 Some greens from what we trimmed off of our tree and a few snowy pine cones were added in.

I had purchased the white and red pillar candles last year for Advent- since they were used only for a few minutes each night we will get lots more use out of them!

Next, I wanted to add each week's theme / meaning to each of the candles, so I purchased some red satin ribbon, and wrapped it around the pillars.
Using some white pearl sewing pins, I tucked in the edges of the ribbon and then pushed the pin through the candle to secure it.
It gives the ribbon a nice, simple, finished look.

When I was at Michael's purchasing the ribbon, I looked in the jewelry making section where they sell their charms- I'd hoped to find something silver and cute that would go along with each week.

But, no such luck. I could only find a couple charms that fit.
Guess I'll have to add that to my hunting list!

Instead, I went through my scrap papers and used some glittery silver card stock. Then, I printed out
onto cream paper.
Simply gluing these onto the ribbon identifies each week of Advent.

Here's the candles, trays and greens together in the tray:

Once again, here's what it looks like with the weekly Advent theme tags:

Even though this is the second week of Advent, I also wanted to share a book with you that we really enjoyed a couple years ago, and will be rereading this year.
Jotham's Journey, by Arnold Ytreeide
is a fantastic book that follows along the story and meaning of Advent with corresponding scriptures.

Our daughter was 8 when we read it the first time, and I would say this is probably a good age to start with.
Mostly from an attention standpoint, and for some of the content. 

Parts of it might be a little scary for the younger set.
You can read the summary here to find out more.
But, I have to say we all were pretty involved in the story and looked forward to each night's reading!!

There are two other similar Advent books- they also have one that follows a little girl, and another about a different little boy.  We haven't read either of those, but you can find them in connection with
Jotham's Journey on Amazon.

I hope you are enjoying some special moments with your family!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Very pretty, Denise! I like how you used the pins to attach the ribbon! It's gorgeous!

    Thanks for the tip on Advent books. I'm always looking for good books to read to my kids. I find that they love Max Lucado books at Christmas.

    Hope you're off to a good week, too! xx

  2. it looks perfect! The books sound amazing, will have to check those out!


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