finding your vision

I have always read that as women age, they seem to find more clarity in their life as to what they want and who they truly are. 

You know,
" my 20's I was just trying to figure out who I was and what I was supposed to be doing..."

" my 30's, I thought I knew who I was...."

" that I'm in my 40's I know who I am and what I want out of life."

I can attest that as I am nearing that magic 4 - 0 number, I am finding that clarity.

Even with decorating.
Last night I got out some of my files with all of my tear sheets and started going through my kitchen and dining room ideas.

Do you find yourself sub-consciously thinking of projects after the New Year already?
I do. 
I know I will only get maybe a quarter of those projects actually completed, but it's fun to think of them anyway.
I am so anxious (desperate?) to have a white kitchen again.
But then what?  What else do I want in that room that will make me
grin from ear to ear every time I'm in there?
As I was pulling out my favorite of the favoritists, it began to crystalize.
I'm not saying this is all going to happen this year, because knowing some plans we have on the horizon for 2011, we'll just have to see how it all pans out, but here's the recurring theme in all of the rooms that were in the favorites pile:

White cabintes, glass knobs, chandeliers...

Country Home

I also love the mix of glass knobs and farmhouse pulls- something I definitely plan on incorporating into my kitchen.

Country Home
I love this photo- it reminds me of the kitchen in "Something's Gotta Give".  All of my inspiration pics have wood floors and white cabinets.
I love the schoolhouse light- something I'm considering- maybe in the island lighting??
Country Home
Open shelving was another recurring theme in the favorites pile- something I was already planning to do on the nook wall- not sure if I will go with a modern floating shelf or one with brackets.  I'm leaning towards the modern floating, but it still makes me nervous to stack all of our plates!!!!!

Country Home
The other element that I've previously said I love are banquettes or benches.  We've got the bench!
This photo was one of the inspirations for our nook:
As our family is growing up (including Bella),
we've found that we don't need her kennel in the house anymore.
I am particularly happy about that since I really didn't love having a giant beige plastic kennel next to the kitchen!!
She's proven to us that she pretty much naps on her giant nest of fluffy pillows on the couch while we're out.
So that means now I have a hole to fill- and it was also quite clear what it needs:
Here's the spot now:

I'm envisioning something like this-

Country Home
...a vintage mirror with a dresser or table maybe?
or some open shelving for additional storage?

I'm looking forward to some more completed projects in the New Year- so many unfinished, so little time!
If you missed my post on our kitchen in it's current state, you can find it here.
Thanks for letting me show you what's in my head.  I sure hope it can come to fruition soon!

Happy Tuesday friends!


  1. Denise,

    I went back and looked at your kitchen. It's very beautiful and open. I think it would be amazing in white. I'm debating about painting ours, also. We bought our house 4 months ago. The previous owner put in cherry cabinets with granite countertops. 5 years ago, I loved that look but I'm with you... white would be beautiful! Good luck! You have some wonderful inspiration photos!

    xx ~M

  2. LOVE the kitchen pictures! And LOVED the quote at the's totally true that you don't really get who you are until you're in your 40s. I turned 40 in February and LOVE it...there's no way I'd ever go back. Best of luck with approaching your 40s and painting your kitchen. LOVE the white with glass knobs and classy and clean!

  3. Hey there Denise... oh boy..great... every time I think I have myself figured out... changing again... poor hubby... I love your inspiration kitchen- and your post is great today. :)

  4. I am right there with you! I was thinking the other day that I would really love to tackle our family room. I love how my kitchen turned out and would like to continue that into the family room. I love all you inspiration photos! I am dreaming of white and wood floors as well!! :) I am sure my hubby will be just so thrilled when I approach him again and say "Do you know what I was thinking?" :) I can't wait to see how your kitchen turns out, I know that you are really excited about redoing it!


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