fantastic five dollar mirror

Do you ever have that one thrift shop that always produces gold- the one you just can't pass up when you're in the vicinity?

I went to my favorite last Friday, and was so happy to see a mirror that I'd liked on a previous visit.
It was attached to a dresser, but the dresser, as cute as it was, was beyond rehab.
The drawers were so warped and missing many of the rails- I didn't want both. 
This time, I asked if they'd be willing to sell me just the mirror.

They said, yes, how about $4.99? 

You get a lovely view of our garage door.

I just love the detail on the top of the mirror.
It's pretty big.
It measures 44"x27" - just under four feet by three feet!

Our powder room bathroom has the standard plate glass mirror.
The dimensions of the mirror would fit in the space perfectly!

I've been wanting to put something more interesting in here, so I was pretty excited about this!
Now the question is what color to make over the mirror?
All of my painting projects are on hold until after the weather warms up and it's not so humid, but it's nice to have some fun stuff on the horizon!

Here's the powder room in it's present state:

Notice the lovely golden-y beige glow.....
Anyway, I'm loving the Indian White Benjamin Moore color we have in our bedroom,
and I'm thinking this might be a good color re-do in here as well. It needs to be brightened up.

So, like I said, trying to decide on a color for the mirror is in my thoughts.
Maybe a rich dark bronze/brown color with some copper highlights?
A vintage turquoise?
Classic shabby white?

What's your vote?

I hope you all are done with your Christmas shopping- I for one am not!!  Not even close!
So tomorrow will be my do or die shopping trip (let's hope it's not the latter....)
Merry Christmas!

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  1. What a great mirror for only $4.99. I rarely find bargains that good. Not sure what color palette your going with in the bathroom but my vote would be for the shabby look.

    Good luck on finishing up some last minute shopping!

  2. I wish we lived closer....I'd love to go hunting for great finds.

  3. You lucky girl, that is a fabulous mirror!!!
    Thanks for linking!!

  4. That is really going to look fabulous.

  5. Merry Merry Christmas! May your stocking be filled with blessings, Denise!

    Hugs, Carrie

  6. What a steal! Good for u, it's a great mirror. My vote would be brown bronze...looks like that would go great with the light fixture and towel holder OR classic white :)

    I agree about looking forward to projects on the horizon. What a list!



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