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Several years ago I was in one of my creative funks.  It seems like creativity sometimes has it's ebbs and flows with me.  Does it ever feel that way to you?

I was still a newly wed, a college dropout (at that point) and visiting my Alma mater where my brother was now attending school.  I'd been an art major, and to shorten a very long story, got married, worked for a bit and was getting ready to head back to school- but not for art.

I felt like a dud.

While visiting the school bookstore, I saw this book.

I picked it up and started reading.  Pretty soon I was a sniffling, blubbery mess.
It hit me right in my creative deficit.

Sark is a very free spirit, and most of what she writes just makes me smile.

I keep this book in my craft room for inspiration.
When I'm feeling boxed in and uncreative, I will read a couple pages and realize that it's ok to mess up, to live each day to it's fullest, to smile and laugh and live life as innocently as a child.

Too often I feel like I have to do things "the right way" (maybe because I'm an eldest child?)
I don't want to mess up. 
 I don't want to embarrass myself.
I'm trying to let go of those feelings and just let myself be exactly how God designed me.

If you feel like I do sometimes, let me end this short post with a few words from the book:

Your desire to feel creatively free is very important-
the rest is easy

You are always on your way to a miracle

Carpe Diem!

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