weekend at the coast and cottage tour

This past weekend we had the privelege of celebrating my in law's 50th wedding anniversary!
They treated all of us kids to a weekend at the Oregon Coast.

We had a party in their honor this last summer, but their anniversary is this week, and they thought it would be fun to get away!

We stayed at a beautiful beach cottage near the ocean. 
There were so many neat little details, I just couldn't resist!

The third floor had a gorgeous open beam ceiling.  The loft featured a gangway overlooking the dining area and living room.

These adirondack chairs were up in the loft- all made from hockey sticks.

The house had a huge dining table!  We had some yummy dinners and game nights here....
It's hard to see from this angle, but the table legs were wrapped in rope.

The front door had a port hole for the window.  I love that you can see the reflection of the ocean in the window!

I was in love with the tiles and wall color of the bathroom we used.  These octagonal tiles are what we are wanting to put in our master bathroom.

All of the doors featured these gorgeous glass knobs.

This was the view we had from the side of the house! 
We took a walk Saturday morning.  I couldn't resist snapping a couple pictures of these other gorgeous beach homes.  
I adore shingled beach houses like this one:

This pretty Victorian had two turrets on the backside of the house overlooking the beach.

And let's get one thing straight.  In Oregon, you're not going to the beach.  You're going to the coast. 
There are about two months out of the year where you can get away with saying you're going to the beach.  What's the difference you ask?
At the beach, you wear swimsuits. 

At the coast, you dress like this:

Because it is COLD!!!!  :)

On Sunday before we headed home, we had to stop at the go-to place on the Oregon Coast
for clam Chowder.  The little town of Taft, next to Lincoln City, where we stayed, is our favorite Mo's location.

You can see how the weather really changed since Saturday!!  A winter storm was coming through.

Mo's has been around for decades.  They have several locations up and down the coast. 

This particular location has a gorgeous view of the bay.  You can eat your lunch or dinner and watch the fishing boats come in.

Mo's famous clam chowder.  Always served with a little melting pat of butter on top.  And you can't have the clam chowder and pass up the cheese garlic toast!

We had a great time together.  We stretched our tummies out with all of the good food, just in time for Thanksgiving!
I am so thankful for my in laws and their lasting marriage.  I am also thankful for my in laws who love me and accept me just as I am.  It's so easy and fun to be with them!

I'm working on my daughter's bedroom today.  I should have some posts up on some completed projects this week!  Good timing since we are supposed to get some snow in the next 48 hours! 
Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Hi Denise~ Sounds like you had a great time and what beautiful pictures!! I know bout that storm... we have been without phone or power or even cell phone service this weekend. I'm at starbucks in town trying to get a little modern civilization!!! LOL!! Have a great Thanksgiving!! :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time. Great to celebrate all together.

  3. Denise, Truly gorgeous pictures. Looks so wonderful.

  4. Gorgeous pictures and what a great place to stay!! I am so glad that you had a great time and that you and your in laws are close! Oregon is beautiful and I hope to get out there one day!

  5. What an amazing getaway! Happy "50th" to your in-laws... Wow, Oregon is soooo beautiful! Looks like a vacation destination!!!

    Thanks for sharing your trip and hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. How completely gorgeous! Lucky you! I found you via your giveaway win with the Pottery Barn giftcard. Congrats! I'm now your newest follower.


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