a pretty fun day! (and part two of the tween bedroom makeover)

Wow, I am just absolutely giddy at the moment. 

First of all, we woke up to a beautiful little blanket of snow!  For those of us in the Willamette Valley, November 23 is EARLY for any snow!  It's rare to get it at all, but especially this time of year!!

Secondly, I won an awesome giveaway!!!!
I can't believe it! 
Mary, at Urban Farmgirl hosted a Pottery Barn gift card giveaway, and I won!? 
What the heck?! 
I never win anything!
Maybe my luck is changing!  ;)

I just love her blog.  If you haven't visited, you need to.  I've even gone all the way back to her first post, and it is so inspiring.  I can only aspire to be like her!

So, now I am enjoying my warm furry boots, a cup of coffee with Peppermint Mocha creamer, and sharing my progress on my Rocker Chick's bedroom.
Here we go:

Yesterday, I worked on her art panels, which I will show you how to make here.

Last week I showed you her canopy that I made.
I'll briefly touch on some of the items in this photo before starting my lil tutorial.
The white bedside table was an incredible deal at one of my favorite spots- Aunt Bee's of course!  I picked it up for $14.  It was red, and very cute, but obviously not the right color here.  
I spray painted it, but that's about it!

My dad made the bed several years ago for her. 
We based it off of one we liked from The Land of Nod.

Ok, so on to the wall art!
First off, we started with some foam panels.  They were 12" wide and almost 3' long.
I purchased some black foam core, and the black and charcoal gray guitar fabric.

I also purchased some of this spray adhesive. 

I layed out the foam panel and cut enough around the edges for it to cover the sides. 
Then, I took the fabric off, sprayed the foam with the glue, and after waiting a minute for it to get tacky, I layed the fabric over it, and smoothed it out.  

After the drying time was completed (about 30 minutes)

I went around the edges with some craft glue and secured the fabric to the back and sides of the foam.

Next, I borrowed a couple of her guitars that she plays with  :) 
and traced them onto the black foam core.

I then cut it out with a craft knife. 
Next came the fun part.....glitter!  Who doesn't like to glitter?
We bought a big jar of black glitter and my girl and I glittered away.
I liberally sprayed the guitars with more of the spray adhesive,
and waited a minute before sprinkling it on.

After it was dry enough to handle, I hot glued the guitars onto the panels, and for added stability, I used a couple straight pins through the foam core and panels.  The glitter hides the pin head, so you'd never see it.

Next, I stuck some velcro dots onto the backs of the panels....

I put both of the Velcro pieces together and then stuck the sticky side onto the wall. 
I dropped the first panel between her bed and the wall!  It slipped right out of my hands as I was carefully trying to hang it.
After some mumbled cussing  (my girl was out getting the mail at the moment- no worries)  LOL!
I got it hung right where it was supposed to go.  I just measured from the top of the ceiling to the top of where I wanted the panel to go.

I am so happy with the final result!
More importantly, so is my girl!  :)

I like that it has some edge to it, but also that little bit of glam.

You may have noticed the chandelier in the first picture. 
That was one of my daughter's requests. 
On Veteran's Day we went up to Ikea and found this cute lil number for $39.99.  I thought it was a great deal, and definitely a LOT cuter than the builder's light fixture!


And after:

That's all for today.  The snow is falling again, and I'm going to work on a cord cover for her paper lantern next to the bed, and some curtain panels for the window!
A great day to stay inside.

I hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday!

I'm thankful for my warm home on a day like today.  I do not take it for granted to live here. 
I know so many people are struggling to make ends meet and to keep the home they love. 

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  1. This is just so cute. Love that glitter, you can never have too much. The whole rooms looks so well put together and neat, wonderful color choices too. Yep, the chandelier is a huge improvement.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. I'm loving the room Denise! You are so creative!
    Have a wonderful thanksgiving and thanks for linking!

  3. What a fun room! I bet she is loving it! Congrats on winning. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. those are so awesome!!! what a fun room- lucky kid!

  5. Love it! What teenager wouln't. So fun and creative.

  6. Wow - that room looks fabulous! I love the foam core guitars - very glam! great job!!

  7. What an awesome room!! I love those art panels, you did an amazing job!! Congrats on the win!! Now what to purchase? :) Have fun shopping!!

    I hope that you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  8. Congrats on your win again! I love what you've done with this room. I myself have been racking my brain for ideas for my little preteen's bedroom. I was thinking of surfer or Japanese. We'll see...

  9. So cute Denise! Your daughter must be in love with this room!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you..

    Deborah xo

  10. What a cute bedroom! I love the rock and roll theme and especially the canopy - very cool!

  11. Love it!! The room looks fantastic! I'm a new follower, hope you will stop by & follow back!

    Aimee @ Justkiddingaroundatlanta.blogspot.com

  12. Hi Denise, I Love how this room has turned out~ what a fantastic rocker chic room with just the right amount of drama and glam! Fabulous job! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday :) I feel so fortunate and thankful too~ and congrats on your win!

  13. Such a rockstar room! Thanks for linking up to Home and Family Friday!


  14. Great blog, great pictures, and such a cute idea! So fun. Thx for linking to our 1st party!


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