Christmas mantel!

It is so much fun to see all the projects going on around blogland this time of year!
I haven't had nearly the time I'd like to see everything, but here's hoping I can make the rounds today and see as much as possible!

One of the best things about decorating for the holidays is taking something out of it's spot and trying it somewhere else.  I'm kinda likin' some of the new 'homes' for my stuff! 
At least for the month of December!  :)

I moved our big bayberry leaf wreath from the entry way to the wall over the mantel.  This was a major bargain from Target a few years ago!  It was on clearance the day after Christmas for $2.99! 
I think it was around $40 originally!

We've had lots of different stockings over the years- these have been around for awhile, also from Target.  I'm thinking about switching it up next year. 

Some mercury class candle holders and glittered snowflakes.  The tall mercury holder is from Anthropologie, and the small one I got at Craft Warehouse.  The stocking holders were a purchase from Ebay several years ago- probably the same year I got the stockings!

I like to use a lot of red berries and pinecones.  They make for great inexpensive fillers!

These cute little monogram ornaments are from Pottery Barn, this year.  I got these at their holiday decorating class- so fun!

My husband gave me this cute little ice skating couple 2 years ago in my stocking.  When I was a kid, my family would go up to Lloyd Center in Portland, and my dad would take us ice skating while my mom did the Christmas shopping. 
Sadly, the shop that he got these from closed the same year.  It was one of my favorites!  :(

On the other end of the mantel, I have the irridescent hurricane glass candle holder. 
The fourth stocking and stocking holder you see here are for Bella.  I had a fourth matching stocking holder, but it broke a couple years ago, and this was the closest to the original that I could find! 
(she doesn't care- I already asked her.)

And there you have it!
I like to keep our holiday decorations pretty simple.  Less stress, less cleanup at the end of the season, and more time for the stuff that really matters!

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  1. Simply gorgeous Denise! I love the bay leaf wreath and what a deal! The little ice skating couple is adorable, what a special piece!
    Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my Christmas decor, it means so much to me!!

  2. That wreath is covet worthy! Everything looks great!

  3. That wreath is amazing. What a bargain. And I love the initial ornaments. What a great idea.

  4. What a great deal on that wreath! Love! Everything is so pretty! Nice!!

  5. that's a cute way to monogram your stockings!

  6. Your mantel is so beautiful. I think the stocking are adorable!

  7. It's so very pretty! I love the little decoration from your hubby, so sweet!
    I'm loving seeing all the decorations too, I just have been so busy I haven't been able to see them all :( Maybe this weekend!

    Thanks for checking in, I've started to drink my coffee again. My stomach is so much better with the medicine, hopefully it will be healed up soon! I've been sneaking in my wine too :)

  8. hi denise_ thanks for the reminder. now i am following you. yes.. i experienced several "server issues" on follers yesterday. Will you circle back to follow me & http://imnotatrophywife.blogspot. And, I love the door with the boughs and pinecones. I have a couple bundles of fresh boughs and not sure how to assemble... laura

  9. it's down again... I will be back. I have your email in my box so I won't forget....

  10. Done! Will you follow me back! Love your decorating style. laura

  11. I love it!!! (partially because I have the same stockings and snowflake holders!) You have great taste ;)

    Good deal on that wreath...I love hitting those after holiday sales!


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