Aurora Architectural Salvage, antiques, and a feature!

Fall just seems like the time to go antiquing, doesn't it? 
I absolutely ♥LOVE♥ the Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage!!  I had the opportunity to go today, and it is such a fantastic place to find old stuff.  If you're hunting for bargains, this isn't the place- but you will find some absolutely gorgeous, hard to find pieces!

Here's some eye candy:

 a HUGE stack of locker baskets- all filled with interesting things....

 Check out the giant clock face!  At the foreground of the picture you can see all kinds of old wooden skis- they had a basket full of wooden poles as well.

Ceiling tins of all shapes and sizes.

 A steamer chair and armoire

 I love vintage signs- this one is fantastic.  I could just see this hanging in a big, open, great room on the wall....

They had several of these neat perforated galvanized trays.  I thought they would look neat as a big centerpiece filled with candles and some mossy rocks.  :)

Stacks and stacks of old corbels.

 I think these were either old screens or grates???  Gorgeous whatever they are!  Look at the detail!

 A giant ladder stacked with mantel fronts. many neat things!
I was able to go with my mom today.  We hit some of our old favorites:

 Isn't that gnarled bench so cool?!  You know I love twiggy stuff  :)

And what did I bring home?  (my husband is probably reading this and thinking, "say nothing! say NOTHING!!")

This very Rachel Ashwell cup.  I couldn't resist.  I'm a self proclaimed Anglophile.

Here's the other side of it:

And then I spotted these dishes.  Marked $20.  With 50% off.  Yep.  A set of 4 place settings and a matching serving bowl for $10.  I just love the design around the edge. 

So that was my day.  A gorgeous, sunny fall day in Aurora, Oregon, antique shopping with my mamacita.

I was so excited to be featured today on Kristin's blog, My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia!!
My linen wine bag tutorial!  Thanks Kristin!  :)
(I feel like Sally Field- "you like me! you really, really like me!")  LOL!

I'm thankful for days like today- where I can call my mom and just go spend the day together.  I know so many of you live far away from parents- I don't take it for granted that we have opportunities to be together.
Happy Tuesday.


  1. You have the greatest buildings/stores/mills/shops where you are!! What an amazing salvage place and what a great day to spend with you mom! Great finds too, the dishes are beautiful!

    Congrats on the feature too!! Loved the wine bags!!

  2. What a fantastic salvage store!! I would be wandering around all day long in there! Love your cup and plates- the colors and designs are just beautiful! & congrats on the feature! :)

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage! Just to let you know that what you saw is just a small part of our store. We have two more levels down below with thousands of windows, doors, mantels, flooring and more. We have a HUGE lumber yard out back specializing in reclaimed timbers, beams and barn wood and another warehouse out back. Again, thank you! Your pictures are amazingly beautiful! Louise at Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage.

  4. What a neat place! I would have spent hours in there! Love the place setting you got. That was a great deal!

  5. You would have to drag me out of there kicking and screaming!! Really, I love a good salvage yard. I posted about one in Berkeley a few months ago, but this one is better. I'm up in Ashland all the time, maybe one of these days I'll have to drive a little longer.
    Love it!


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