Halloween candy bucket

Thank you so much for your kind words and notes of inspiration on yesterday's post about my grandma.
I love reading your comments and how your own grandparents have impacted your lives. 

Thank you, again.


Today is just a mini tutorial on a Halloween bucket that I made several years ago. 
I just love it!  It was so simple and fun to make, and it could even be a fun project for you to do with grade school age kids.

First, start with a wooden bucket.  Most craft stores carry them in their basket section.

Paint the bucket and handle in your favorite Halloween color(s).

While the paint is drying, gather up some of your favorite trims and pom pom balls.
I used a black flat trim that was kinda fuzzy. 
You could also use a wide rick rack, some fun ribbon, feather boas, buttons....the list goes on and on-
use your imagination to make it cute!

You can typically find bags of pom poms in all kinds of colors and sizes- the ones I used came in a big bag with purple, white, orange, yellow and black.  It was with the seasonal crafts. 

Once the paint is dry, start by measuring the circumfrence of the edge and cut your trim to size. 
You can use a liquid glue or a glue gun for the trim- make sure you're careful with the hot glue with the kiddos  :)
(I have to say it...!)
I always cut a little extra on the trim, and once it's glued, you can trim off the excess.
Next, glue on the pom poms- I did mine in a wavy pattern. 
You could also do a mix of big poms and little poms around the basket.

And lastly, fill the basket with your favorite candy!
Or, in my case, the candy you like least so you don't eat it all!  LOL!

I know it's basic, but I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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