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I've been wanting to introduce you to one of the most creative people I know.  I love their work space, and the pieces they create.  I'm always so inspired- I hope you'll enjoy this little tour and introduction!

This is the office/workspace. 
This creative person built the desk and just about everything else you can see in this room....the clocks, the signs, the carved horse on the desk, the shelves...

 Aren't these old suitcases fantastic?
And the floors!  They are made from old barn crates.  There's some special significance that I will let you in on at the end. 

The sign is completely handmade and painted. 
The vintage cameras on the shelf are so fun.  I love collections of old cameras.  The picture next to them, to the right is a photo taken by the owner of this room.  It's kinda hard to see, but that's Robert Kennedy!
You can just barely see his silhouette- if I'd gotten a closer shot, you'd definitely see him.

These shelf brackets were also handmade.  The shelves run around the top of the room holding all kinds of interesting antiques and personal items.

The storage cabinet for art supplies.

Aren't these handles cool?  Old gnarled pieces of wood....

One of the coolest parts of this room is the bookcase.  When the house was being built, the idea came to have a fun way to get to the shop under the house....
 a secret passage way behind the bookcase!

You can climb down through a trap door to the shop, and here's what you find below:

And in this shop, as well as the workspace are some pretty cool creations. 

Would you like to know who the super creative person is?

It's my pops!  :) 
He is an artist, entrepreneur, clockmaker, wood carver, found object creator....and a great inspiration, husband, dad, and papa. 
It's one of the reasons that I have a creative streak and follow in his footsteps.  I know that if I'm feeling discouraged creatively, that he gets it- and helps me to feel that I'm not alone.  His words of praise on my projects mean more to me than anyone. 

The wood floors that he painstakingly restored are, as I mentioned, wood crates taken from my father in law's barns, when he retired.  I love the connection of the floors between both my dads!

He recently started blogging on his creative projects and creations,  you can find him here.

I hope you enjoyed the workspace tour!  (even if there was a little nepotism involved!)
Stop by and say hi to him!


  1. Oh Denise what an amazing pops you have!! I can't beleive my eyes at all his beautiful creations! Everything that you showed is just, well, amazing! I can definetly see where you get your talent! :) I love the secret passage, how clever and special! Thank you so much for taking on the tour!!

  2. A secret passageway??? How fun!! He's so creative and talented - clearly it runs in the family! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a neat space! How cool is it that he has a secret passageway?! Everything he made is so amazing. And the floors are gorgeous.

  4. Oh my goodness -Denise your dad is an amazing woodworker!! SO much talent!! The table, the floors, wow! I adore the bookcase- you know, crazy thing, my dad does not just 'volunteer' his services as a sommelier :)- he is a a long time builder and craftsman as well and built a secret bookcase in one of his houses too. He wanted a way to access the attic. Great dad minds! Thanks so much for sharing your treasure! :)

  5. You must be so proud! You're dad is amazingly creative! And how fun to have a secret passageway!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. What a cool way to honor your dad! That was awesome. I knew he did cool stuff, but it was really fun to see what you posted on here.


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