day three! yipee!

Accessorizing shelves really stresses me out.  It should be a fun thing, but it's very intimidating for me.  I guess I see all these fabulously dressed bookcases with cute/interesting little nick knacks thrown in, and I just feel like my stuff is so.....ordinary.

I've had interesting "things" in the past, but when we downsized 4 years ago, a lot of the "stuff" went too.
It was a good thing. 

But now I'm rebuilding and trying to bring the stuff out that is not only what we like, but is personal to us.

Everything here is from the house- it was nice to set out a bunch of household stuff that I really liked and just pick and choose.

 Like this vase- we got it as a wedding present, and I have always loved it....but never could make it work in any of our rooms!  I am so happy to have it out!

I took off all of the dust jackets on our hardbacks- I like the look so much better. 
Many of these books were my husband's grandfather's that he passed down.
The number 18 plaque was picked up at a local vintage/craft show last Christmas.  I really liked it- and then realized that 18 is the day of our anniversary. ♥  

I love this silver candy tray, but it only gets used around the holidays.  After I wrote the post on my grandma, I realized all of the things that had sentimental value to me of her, were packed away!

So I am putting both to good use- grandma's buttons that I love in a silver piece that gets everyday use now.

I also rearranged the furniture.   I am liking this so much better.  I would love to get another wicker trunk from Ikea to stack on top of the one I already have.  Fingers crossed they still carry them.

The club chairs were side by side previously....

They really needed to be split up- it always felt kinda heavy on this side of the room!

The little table between the two club chairs was really nice- but again, it just felt kinda blah to me...when I was taking the room apart I happened to set the green tray/platter on top of it,
and found that it looked kinda nice there!

The bird print that I had to the right of the hutch...

 got moved here:

I have our little Halloween owl next to the urn too.
(sorry about the crazy exposure- this room faces west so we get a lot of sun. 
I was too impatient to wait to take the shot!)

The couch in it's new place. 
I've also been working on that wall under the staircase.  It's still in progress, but I like how it's coming together with some vintage prints and my thrift shop finds.

Next up- I have these two plain white pillow forms that are needing some covers! Hoping to finally do that this week.

While I was working on this room my mind kept wandering back to a few items I spotted in the thrift store this morning.  And then I realized I might actually be able to use them!  So of course I went right back and got them! I had been drooling over some vintage sheets that
Cheryl at A Pretty Cool Life had picked up awhile back.
I've been wanting to get our bench outfitted with a cushion and some pillows and it all came together!
I bought these 3 twin size sheet sets for under $5.  A couple of them look like they were never even used!

I'm thinking this second one would make some pretty cute pillows for my bench!

Hope you enjoyed seeing the progress of the it's the office's turn.  I need a few pieces to get it better organized.  More pics to come!

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  1. Denise,
    It looks great!! Your hubby will be proud. I like the way you did the furniture much better. I love that feeling you get when you finish up a room and its all clean and perfect......

  2. I would happily take those sheets off your hands! ;)

    ps. Love the pillows you have on the couch now, too!

  3. Absolutely delightful Denise!! It looks amazing- I love the larger bookcase and the way you have everything displayed so beautifully. The chairs look great split up too- cute sheets- can't wait to see how they turn into something new!!! Thanks for joining Feathered Nest Friday! Love your room!! :)

  4. Lovely room..... and I'm allll about re-using things....particularly sheets. Lots of bang for your buck.. :-)

    Warm blessings,

  5. We had to part with many items too...I can relate...but it is all good! Your room looks so pretty...with your special touch!

    I am having a "double-the-fun" giveaway...something for a little one and something for you! Stop on by to join the fun if you get a chance! I enjoyed my visit today! :)

  6. You did a great job accessorizing! I especially love all the old books!

    XO- Carmel

  7. It looks so pretty! You did such an amazing job with the things that you had! I love surrounding myself with things that have meaning, it just makes a house a home! :) Can;t wait to see your bench and pillows!!

  8. oh, denise, everything is fabulous! love the bookcases and the sheet fabric...

  9. Love how your living room looks that coffee table!
    Its all so pretty!!!
    So glad you came to visit...and yes Bella is our scottie and I'm madly in love with her :)
    Have a relaxing weekend Denise!!

    With all my heart...Deborah xo

  10. Wow - it all looks so great! I love the buttons, and the owl and the sheets! Nice job!! Want to come do my living room now?

  11. Displaying yor grandmothers buttons on the tray is a great idea. Oh and that last picture of the fabric that would make a cute pillow like you said. :) The room looks great!

  12. Wow it is so pretty! I bet you are just loving it. Enjoy your beautiful room.

  13. You pulled the room together perfectly! I like the new arrangement with the chairs separated and the sentimental touch with the buttons on the tray stand, and the platter on the end table... Oh, and Love the vintage sheets! It looks great!!

  14. The room looks so fresh! Now the pieces that are truly important to you can stand out and shine =) So pretty!

  15. Oh my you have been busy. Your living room looks so pretty!


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