bird in a cage

This bird cage has been an ever evolving little accessory. 
I have it hanging in my dining room, and with each idea,
it felt like there should be something else to complete it. 

And I am happy with the creation!

I started with a bronze color bird cage that I purchased from Real Deals.

I knew this piece would be in our dining room, so I wanted something light and fun.
I spray painted the cage a pale blue.

The cage hung empty for awhile, but it just needed something.

I didn't want something expected in it- like a bird or a nest with eggs.
I started by putting some twigs in it.
Initially I added in some Reindeer moss- the clumpy bright green kind- but it was too messy. 
Too much stuff to drop out the bottom.
These nifty little moss 'rocks' I found at the Dollar Tree worked beautifully.
No mess!

Our dining room is nice, but not too formal. 
So I went for the unexpected and whimsical idea I had in my head.

I went with a vintage-y looking font and printed this out, and popped it in a frame I had for something else.

With my bird perched in the cage on it's branches, I thought it would be done.
But it needed a little bit of color.
Maybe something pink?
I sat on it for awhile, and then decided on this:

Some pink and pearl colored mini ornaments. 
I also added in the sparkly leaves for a little more dressing up.

And there you have it!
My not so serious bird in a cage!
Happy Thursday everyone!


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  1. I love it, Denise. You are giving me some black birdcage is quite plain in comparison!

  2. I love that bird cage! And how creative to put a frame with the word bird in there. It looks great!

  3. That is awesome!! Your sign makes it ever so clever:)
    I'd love for you to stop by and check out my fun giveaway going on right now!!

  4. Love this idea girl..I have 3 empty cages just sitting maybe I'll moe my old butt and doing something with them...Thanks...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. Hello! Oh, I just love your birdcage transformation and the rocks you found are too cool.

  6. Hehe - I love the "bird" in your cage. Very fun and clever idea!

  7. Very nice Denise! I like that you have a bird sign and even has a perch. I have a bird cage too with real finches in them, and they make lots of mess, so I like yours better :-)
    Saying "hi" from a fellow Feathered Nest participant.

  8. Oh, you know I love that Denise!! What a sweet birdcage and I love that little sign in there!! So creative! The pink baubles are delightful too! Thanks so much for joining Feathered Nest Friday! Love it! :)

  9. That is the pretties little bird cage! I love you idea about the "bird", so creative and cute!!

  10. I love your unique bird cage! Great job making it your own. Beautiful!

  11. I just love how you pinked it up!! So creative!

  12. That is the neatest bird cage and I love how you decorated it all up pretty!

  13. That is so cute, I love the sign~very cheeky!

  14. Awww, it's beautiful!!! I love the additon of the little 'bird' sign. :)

  15. I love this bird cage and your framed bird is just ingenious. I have a number of different cages in various stages of make-over...well beside the "big cage" that contains my real live you for sharing your wonderful creation.


  16. That is so cute! I love all your whimsy touches...must make you smile when you walk by!!~ Tell Bella hello from Lucy:)

  17. I really like your ideas, Denise. I have an empty birdcage hanging in my dining room. Now I have some great inspiration for making it look like something. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Thank you for sharing your beautiful bird cage with us at A Crafty Soiree! I really like the blue you painted it. Hope you'll join us at the lastest one, that begins tomorrow!


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