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First of all, let me say thank you to all of you who commented on my kitchen post yesterday!! I really appreciate each one of you that took the time to write, and for the encouragement.

A couple blogs that I follow have kitchen painting tutorials/makeovers- one of them being Kristin at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia, and the other, Young House Love, that just featured yesterday (same day as my kitchen post!) a kitchen makeover with newly painted white cabinets.  Both are great examples of what I am itchin to do!! 

This picture from Cottage Living magazine (I miss you so much, CL) had me falling in love with these vino glasses.  When I saw that they were from World Market, I had to go get them!  I don't know if they still carry them, but it's worth checking!
photo from Cottage Living, July/Aug 2005 Photo by David Roach

Aren't they cute?  I like how unique they are, and of course it's kind of like a label, which I also love!
Here they are in person  ;) (you know what I mean):

Since today is September 1, my mind always starts to think ahead to our annual wine tasting party that we host every Fall.  We've been doing it since 2004, and it is such a fun event!
Here are some photos from last year's party:

Since it's always the same four couples, I saved some wine bottles from our recycling bin, cleaned them out, removed the original labels, and made my own invites using a clip art program.  All of the guests live within a 5 minute drive from us, so I dropped these off at each person's doorstep.

We usually have a theme, so everyone knows what to bring.  Last year was strictly Oregon grown- in the past we've had an Italian theme (food and wine); favorite wine/appetizer from that year; mock Thanksgiving; or a dollar amount (wines under $10, for example)

When people arrive, they are instructed to put their bottle(s) in a bag so no one knows what to expect.
This year I plan on making some cute reusable bags instead of the "look at me, I'm a wino" paper bags!!
(It's always an afterthought, and the paper bags always seem to be around...)

Yummy foods... fresh figs were a big hit last year!

The line up from last year's tasting.  We usually have little voting cards on taste, smell, value, etc, and then the winner is revealed. I can't remember which one won last year, they really were all very good!

me with my friend Janie- enjoying all the good food and great wine!
(you can also see in the background- the family room has really changed!!)

Looking forward to Fall, the start of school and routine, and our annual wine tasting party!

Here's a revisit of our dining room and the wine corks we've saved from special get togethers- alot of those corks come from our past wine tasting parties.

If you want to host your own wine tasting party, here are some tips:

  • No one has to be a conoisseur to enjoy a wine tasting party.  None of us really knew much 6 years ago, but we enjoy pairing our food with the wine, discovering what we like and don't like, and that a great bottle of wine can come from anywhere at any price.

  • You can get some pretty bags, (or make them) if you want to keep the tasting interesting. OR, I've also heard of wine tasting glasses that are opaque black that the host can pour and then people that are partial to reds or only drinking whites, might discover that they like something new!  If you can't see what you're tasting, you have to rely on your sense of smell and taste.

  • Provide slips of paper for people to take notes, or at least write down their favorites of the evening.

  • I never use expensive wine glasses.  I bought a 12 pack of basic wine glasses from Bed, Bath & Beyond and they work fine.  They weren't expensive, great to start with if you're new to this whole thing, and you won't feel bad if one accidently breaks at your get together.  If you really delve into the whole tasting thing, then go ahead and buy the Reidel Pinot glasses.  :)

  • Make sure you allow enough time from the tasting to the time your guests are driving home.  Dessert and coffee are a great way to end.  No one wants a party or a life ruined by not driving home sober.

  • Have fun! Put on some great music, and enjoy your guests. 
That's what a party is all about.

Happy First day of September!


  1. That looks like so much fun!!! I love the little vino glasses too!! I look forward to fall as well, it is my favorite! I hope you enjoy your day!!

  2. Wow - what fun!!! And - happy September to you, too!

  3. I like your tip about providing paper so guests can record notes and names of wines they've enjoyed. I'll def use this in the future! Love those Vino glasses.

  4. Definitely my kind of get together! I love it!! Fall is my favorite time of year, and this seems like the perfect fall activity! You gave me a wonderful idea! Thanks!

    Have a great weekend!


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