updated bedroom dresser

A couple months ago I purchased this dresser:

...and since the time I purchased it, it has gone through many stages of development.  I had an end idea in mind. 
First- paint. 
Loved the green color, but the green didn't fit into the beachy blues in the new makeover.

painted Baby Blue in Valspar's spray paint.  A little distressing on the edges too!

 some accessories.  Ho hum.

Next came the addition of some folder window shutters, and a sailboat that I painted tan to match the rest of the bedroom colors...

a vintage set of suitcases and a picnic basket also became part of the look.

and finally some chipboard letters that fit the overall look of the room.  I kept them in their natural brown state, drilled some holes in the top and added some turquoise ribbon.

The jewelery holder was moved to the wall, and I simply hung the sawtooth hangers on these little hooks:

it helps to hold it away from the wall so the earrings aren't all smashed up on a flat surface.

So happy with the end result!!  The vision I had in my head pretty much ended up the way I wanted it.
I wish I could say it was 100% done...
but it's not. 
The blue suitcase will be getting a makeover soon with some paint, so it doesn't scream,
"Look at me!! I'm a blue suitcase!!"

Happy Thursday!

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  1. What an awesome dresser redo...I love it! The whole room is so nice and air-y, it looks great!

    There's always a 'next' on the to-do list :-). Keep up the good work!

  2. That looks so great! I LOVE how you did the letters with the ribbon! Shutters go great anywhere don't they!!

  3. The dresser just looks so sweet in blue! And you're right, so much more beachy {while the green was very pretty!}. I love your arrangements on top, especially the flowers and sailboat. So pretty!

  4. GREAT chice to paint it blue! The suitcases look adorable next to it!
    Have a pretty day!


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