the three B's

What are the three B's?
the Bench
Back to school

First off, yesterday was a day of errands before back to school.  I couldn't help myself and had to stop in at one of my favorite thrift shops!
We had fun looking around, and I found some nifty items.
Some vintage books to decorate with,
an old U.S. Dept. of Forestry canteen (probably headed to Ebay...)
and this sweet buy:

I saw this bed frame glanced at the price and thought it read $199.00.
My daughter also checked out the price, and as I was walking away she said,
 "Mom, can you believe this is only $9.99?"
I assured her it wasn't $9.99- one hundred ninety nine.
"No, look mom!"
I took a closer look, and sure enough!
Holy Cow!

But I didn't buy it right then. 
Nope, I sold my idea to the hubs, had dinner and waited till the
last possible minute to drive across town to snag this deal.
(why, oh why???)
They were literally closing up shop and I begged to just
run to the back of the store and grab the price tag. 
They still had a guy in the stock room who was able to help me load up
and I thanked them profusely!!!

I'm hoping to convert this queen bed into a bench for our nook!
I saw a tutorial on Twice Lovely- you can see the process here.
. . .
Today is also back to school. 
We had the traditional bacon for breakfast.
And some pancakes.
And we did our annual photo:

Oh my baby girl. 
. . .

Onto the third B...
our birdfeeder.
Yesterday was the first time I saw more than one bird feeding at our house.  I posted this on a post back in July-
here's the picture I was able to snap before they flew away:

I'll try and have some pictures on the process of our new nook bench. 
I'm anxious to get it started- wish me luck!  :)

Happy Wednesday to you all. 


  1. Ok, I love the bench idea!! That is so awesome and your head and foot boards would look so great!!
    I love the annual photo's too, what a beautiful girl! They grow so fast! I hope that she had a great day!

  2. Wow, that bench is amazing! I love it, and I'm sure yours will look awesome too. Can't wait to see it!

  3. The bench is going to be B-eautiful!

    Hope the girls had a good first day of school. I love that little chalk board. My sister and I had one when we were growing up. Who knew it could be the perfect photo prop : )?

  4. D - I love the bench idea. I just saw one at Aunt Bees that I loved and it was made with a head and foot board from a bed!!! Did you see it there? Your nook is going to look amazing, have you finished painting your table? I painted mine black yesterday. :)

  5. Hope to be seeing that 'bench transformation' soon! Great idea. Enjoyed the first day at school photos!


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