some fall favorites & a decorating update

If I was bold enough, I'd show you a picture of the disaster area I've created in just about every room! 

I've been having fun thrifting, garage saleing, and adding more projects to my to do list than I should- hence, the disaster area.  I keep starting new projects while the others are half done. 

Here's one completed project- not a huge one, but I like how the fabric breaks up all of the dark going on with the coffee table.  (which I am still loving, and grateful for such a great thrift shop find!)

I also found the lantern at TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago, and look what I saw in the new fall Pottery Barn catalog....

yahoo!  I got mine for $6.99- PB's small is $29.00!!
The exact same lantern!
awesome find.

I am also working on some slipcovers, in the same fabric as above, for some additional seating
and storage for our family room...a later post!


And with the start of fall, some more of our family's fall traditions and decorations....

I'm not much of a scented candle girl, except for September through December! 
We always love to have this particular scent wafting through the house during the fall months...

and my husband's family always enjoyed this little concoction in their home-
we've continued the tradition here!

Candy corn and salted peanuts!  Chewy/sweet and crunchy /salty!
a dangerous combo to have sitting around the house!!

My favorite wire basket filled with fall.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend ~  
hopefully by Monday I will have some completed projects to show you! 
Fingers crossed there will be time to work on the bench!


  1. Great find on the lantern!! And, hmmmm, never would have considered having peanuts and candy corn... but I am a fan of both... May have to give that a try! :)

  2. It all looks so pretty!! Great find with the lantern and the fabric is really beautiful! Candy corn and peanuts are one of my favorite!! Sweet and salty is the best!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Evertything looks awesome! I love that huge hutch, it is so pretty. FYI every Friday is my thrift part and bi weekly I have my Before and after party, starting today.
    Al's Garden center looks awesome too, what a deal to get all that fun Fall stuff. I just bought a corn stalk and I think it has made a moth web or something weird, I have to get rid of it...and I really love it too.


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