the plan

I'm kitchen dreaming today, so I decided to draw up my plans and show you what I'm hoping for here in the next few months.
my artist rendering of the nook
  • Some open shelving for practical & decorative storage
  • a vintage art piece above the bench
a reminder of the current stage

I mentioned in my previous kitchen post that we plan on switching out some of the light fixtures- the nook lighting and the island pendants. 

Here's some ideas I'm considering for the nook:

drum shade

or a lantern fixture

or maybe a glass bell fixture

One of the reasons I decided to go with the bench idea was the garbage can. 

I know that sounds ridiculous, but here's why:
a) no room under the sink for any self respecting garbage receptacle.
b) we have this awesome retro can, and space wise in our kitchen there's no other feasible spot for it.

With the banquette idea, we would have been pretty hard pressed to find a spot to replace it.

label love!

For the kitchen cabinets I am liking this one so far:

Powdered Snow - Behr
slightly brighter white than the trim, but still a creamy white
for the hardware I want to switch out these:

to these:

and for the island pendants,
switch these:

to these:

a bit more of a modern vintage feel, less 'frilly'...

I'll keep you posted on the progress!
The bench will be the first project (this Saturday?)
Painting the cabinets may wait until after the holidays....
the pendants are fairly inexpensive, so we may switch those out soon,
and when I decide on a nook fixture, we'll move ahead on that too.


  1. Great plan! I love the pendants, very chic! Can't wait to see things unfold!!

  2. I love your table, it looks great! And I love your plan, that'll look awesome. :)

  3. I really love that lantern fixture, it is so pretty! And I love your idea of those shelves above the bench.

  4. I can't post any other way than this, since I'm not on the blogger world, but you have the perfect space for a built in on that wall. Build a bench into it, and then build shelves of all different shapes and sizes above it, and just build a space in for the trash can. I have designed two sets of built-ins in my house--one in my baby boy's room, and one in the kitchen, and they both work beautifully. Love the drum light....

  5. Your vision is going to be fabulous!!! I can see it already. = )

  6. Your plans look wonderful, Denise. I love your drawing....I am starting to visualize....


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