one of my all time favorite rooms & the shelf

Our local library has a few magazine titles that have been converted to hardback copies.  If you were to look at my check out history, you would see that I have checked out the same issue half a dozen times over the last year and a half.  All because of one article on a room I adore.

I was super excited this last spring when they had a collective issue in Cottage Style magazine- featuring none other than the very inspirational room!

photo by Kim Cornelison
from Cottage Style Magazine
I just love the striped slipcovers on the chairs, the big silver punchbowl full of roses, the ruched curtains with ribbon tiebacks, and the lampshades in the damask print!! 
But mostly I'm in love with those slipcovers. :)

I even went to the website where Theresa Flannery (the homeowner who created this lovely dining room) got her French fabrics.
C'est magnifique! Oo la la!
How do you say, I can't afford such tres expensive fabrics?
But I did enjoy looking! I wish I could reference the site, but the Cottage Style mag doesn't have it listed in their shopping guide. If I went back to the library.... ;) 
(that might be getting a little wierd to check it out again.)

Last weekend, I showed you my vintage looking architectural shelf that I was
planning to hang over my living room window.
My husband very patiently installed it for me yesterday! 

You have to know that any kind of wall hanging project involving anchors typically ends with much frustration, lots of holes in the walls, and some under the breath cussing.
It went pretty well yesterday, and here's how it looks:

the shelf before:

and after:

I'm really happy with the placement, but I'm thinking I still need to do a little more with the color.  Next to the trim it looks a little stark.  So I think I need to warm it up a little with a warm white paint color- maybe go over it a bit with a light sanding to distress it a bit. 
I might add a couple white decorative plates to flank the shelf.

And finally, a picture of me from the weekend-

We went to the season opener for the University of Oregon game.  It was a blast
 (and a blowout vs. New Mexico.  Final score: 72-0. Ouch.)

We see this guy every year- I call him Pimp Daddy, but we found out his real name is Bill.  :)
He wears this outfit for every game, the only thing you can't see in this picture are his super sweet, shiny green 1970's disco heel boots! 

Happy Labor Day!


  1. I love the shelf! I can't tell you how many holes I have in our walls due to that exact same problem! :) It looks great!

    Love the pic with Bill!!! I am glad that you had a great time!

  2. Hey Denise,
    I have that same article in one of my Country French magazines- I LOVE that room!! Simply BEAUTIFUL!!!! The shelf looks great on the wall & you look so happy with your new friend Bill! :)


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