harvest centerpiece

I was on the hunt today for a white pumpkin, because I was all set to make my favorite seasonal centerpiece (nothing fancy, I just like it....)
and NO white pumpkins yet!! 

So, I guess I just wait until they are available, and then I can do some swapping around the house for the centerpiece then.

Before I start, I just wanted to say a big thank you to Kyra from Racks & Mooby, and Michelle from Emerald Cove for their gracious and kind bloggy awards this week! 
I am humbled that I inspire anybody out there,
and to have two of you express it- well, there's
just no way to say it except THANKS!
You both inspire me as well!


I'm starting with the 'after' picture, and then go from the beginning of how it all came together....

I cleared everything off and started with a blank slate.

The supplies I started with- glass cylinder vases, candles, mini pumpkins, acorns, burlap, twine and a seasonal mix of fall items.
The vases and candles I had on the table before but they had sand and seashells in them.

I put the acorns in the bottom, I didn't need much, here's why:

I cut 3 1/2" width of burlap to go around the vase, and then went around it with some twine.

I started laying out the elements to the centerpiece, and it definitely needed some fabric.  So I started playing around with some runners and tablecloths I already had, and didn't like any of it.  Maybe something from my fabric remnants?
I found this piece, and liked the neutral colors in it and the texture.
(it used to be a fabric piece from another slipcover project!)
It was a good size piece, and I didn't want to sew it for time reasons
and in case I wanted to use it for something else,
so I just folded in the edges and ironed it!
The selvege edge was already frayed, and I thought it looked kinda neat!

I scattered the items from the BH&G box of fall goodies
and here's the end result, one more time!

Burlap is very inexpensive- I think I got the whole piece (a yard and a half, I think) for a couple bucks.
I always have twine on hand.  The BH&G box of fall filler was about $5 from WalMart.  The mini pumpkins were $2.50 per bag- I got two, also from WalMart.  Acorns- I was hoping to go out today, enjoy the warm weather and just pick some up at a local park, but I spent too much of my time trying to find the elusive white pumpkins. These are faux, and were $2.50 for a small package.

Since I was already using real pumpkins, I put the ones from the boxed set in some of my china pieces!

Happy Wednesday to you all! 

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  1. I looks awesome! I've been following all you fall decorating and it's giving me the itch to get started. Picked up my first pumpkin today:)
    I love how versatile glass vases with candles in them can be - it works with every season!

  2. Looks wonderful! So warm and cozy! I could sit there with you and have a cup of coffee ; )

  3. It looks so great!! I love the burlap around the glass, very clever! White pumpkins are my favorite! I think that this year I am going to try and get some real ones, (I have a lot of fake ones) and see what I can do with them!

  4. That is super cute. I love the burlap wraps especially.

  5. Love this whole centerpiece idea! The glass vases with the burlap wrapped around it is fantastic idea. Thanks for linking up to centerpiece Wednesday.

  6. I love this centerpiece! Its elegant, yet simple. I have to keep things simple on tables and other surfaces my kiddos can reach. And I love that this is so kid friendly! Oh and you are right, sticking that fabric into my wreath was very therapeutic. Great stress reliever!

  7. Great job, I love it! Same elements that I like using. I love that fabric remnant. I'd like to find some to make some pillows. It looks great as a runner.


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