a garage sale, bench sneak peek, and a slipcover how to

We had a crazy weekend of weather here, so it dictated a little bit of the projects going on around here! :)
Saturday was gorgeous and 80 degrees, Sunday morning we woke up to rain showers!  It was still warm (mid 70's)  but what a crazy bunch of weather!

Friday morning I followed some signs to a garage sale and picked up these:

aren't they amazing??? I was mostly interested in the big sugar pine cones- but with the $5 price tag, I wasn't going to haggle anything.  Didn't really need the bucket, but who cares?!! I looked for some of these very pine cones last year on Ebay for Christmas, and the cheapest I could find was $12.  So I definitely snapped these up.

I also found all these music sheets- I got them for a couple bucks.  I plan on using them for some craft projects in the future.  I almost hate to think of cutting them up....(maybe I won't!)
I couldn't resist the Perry Como.  I love him!  :)

Next, on Saturday we finally got the rest of the bench put together!  I was so happy.
It has been quite the process, but when I do the final reveal I explain more on that. 
Not a hard project, it's just been interesting.
You may remember I got the headboard and foot board at a thrift shop a few weeks ago- sneaking in at the last minute before they closed! 
Here's the sneaky peek:

I'm hoping today I can get some trim pieces for the front and sides and then start in on the painting this week.
Can't wait to see it in our nook!

I also was able to finish painting the inside of our china cabinet in the dining room-  I am loving it.  I also rearranged the pieces that were in it, because I was never quite satisfied with how that was looking. 
Here's the before:

and now:

Finally, last night I was able to complete one of these before the Amazing Race started
(one of my favorite shows!!)

I started with some storage cubes from Target.  I think they were on sale for around $12
when I purchased them.

I purchased 3 1/2 yards of fabric.  I first cut a square to cover the top and sides of the lid, making sure to add enough length around the sides for the seam allowance.

Then, I cut two 15" widths of the fabric (45" wide) for the sides. 
 (I decided to do a skirted bottom.)
Sewed the sides of the two lengths together so it made a circle around.
Then, I ran a basting stitch a half inch down from the raw edge so that I could cinch up the fabric for the ruffle.

And, pinching the corners of the top (lid) piece/square, I pinned them to make it snug to the fabric, and ran a straight stitch with my machine to create the slipcover.
all under Bella's watchful eyes.....

Then, I put flipped the fabric on the lid so it was right side out, put the skirted fabric over the top so the right sides were facing together, and pinned the skirt in at the corners and the four middles of the cube to hold it in place while I made sure the basted edge and ruffle were evenly spaced.  It's the most time consuming part, but you don't want to have areas of no ruffle or too much!  Keep re pinning as necessary, and put straight pins in every few inches to keep the two fabrics together and hold your pleated edge.

Making sense?
Next, stitch through both the top piece and your skirt.  Remove the pins and tear out your basting stitch with seam ripper or small scissors.
Lastly, pin your hem and stitch, or use Steam a Seam to hem!  That's it!

We now have extra storage and seating in our family room! 
I have one more of these guys to make, and then I will show you how they look in their new space. 
I am very happy with the results!
The fabric was $6.99/yd and the ottomans were $12 each-
so for under $30 we have these lil beauties!

Enjoy your Monday!


  1. Busy girl, I love the bench and every other fab thing in this post!!

  2. I just love how your hutch turned out!! The blue in the back just makes everything pop! :) your slipcover is adorable!!! I so wish I could sew!!!
    Hope you had fun at Yoga and Zumba!

  3. Oh, and I can't wait to see the finished bench! it looks great so far!

  4. That turned out just FABULOUS, Denise. So clever of you!

  5. loved it before and love it now. What a total ltransformation. It was contemporary before and cozy casual now. Inspiring.

  6. I love to buy sheet music when I see it. Especially Christmas tunes to sit on the piano in December. I've used them in crafting but photocopy and age with coffee rather than tear up the originals. Your new seats are great, thanks for the tutorial.

  7. what a gem of a blog! - and ur GOOD when it comes to slipcovers - i could MAYBE cover a cushion with a staple gun - but that's about it! - GO YOU!

    PS - come on by - my first GIVE-AWAY is going on - $45 worth of goodiness!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  8. This is a great idea, you did an awesome job! i love your blog.

  9. Hi Denise! I am giving you an award today for being such a great blogger and friend. You can check it out at my blog! Sorry, I couldn't find your email address!

  10. Love the bed bench and the hutch! What size bed was that? I've been wanting to make one, but didn't know what size to look for. And the little slipcovered ottoman's are so cute!

  11. First let me say I want to kiss Bella's adorable little pug face, I just love PUGS...i told you have a black one right?
    Your project is fantastic...I would not have thought about doing that....but this is why I get inspired and learn so much out here from all you creative cats!

  12. Your dog is cracking me up, she looks uncertain, like you shouldn't have taken a break to take her picture, but to carry on, lol! Your china cabinet looks WOW!!! I like the pine cones and the bucket too, would paid that alone for the bucket:)

  13. Loving the cube!! Never would have thought abt that one. Great job! I was standing there yesterday trying to figure out what I could do with a $25 headboard though .

  14. Love the dog, love the ottoman redo, and I am crushing on that painted hutch with the light blue interior... inspired.
    Thanks for linking up to my Motivated Monday party.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  15. This is adorable...thanks for the tips on how to get it ruffle just the right amount! It turned out beautifully!

  16. The ottoman is very cute! And really I am eager to see how the bench turns out! My son put mascara on our nursery ottoman and I may try to make something similar to yours!

  17. What a great find at such a great price! And your slipcovers look fantastic on them!


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