fall inspirations

Before I show you some fall decorating inspirations, I wanted to see if any of you have noticed a new tab in the Blogger tabs.
It's at the end of the usual tabs (following your posting, comments, settings, etc.)
The 'stats' tab.
It is a really handy tool that gages who is visiting, how many times they visit- even broken down by hour, day, month, and year! 
It also tells you the peak times of day that your blog is getting the most traffic. 

If you haven't checked out this handy tool, you should!
It was quite eye opening as to where my largest volume of traffic was coming from!

On to of my favorite tear outs for fall!
I have a big file box that I keep all my decor tear out inspirations in-
do you?

from Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens

Country Living
I made my pumpkin last year like the one pictured on the bottom!

This is me last year, carving and painting the pumpkin- you can even see me referring to the magazine for guidance.  It turned out awesome...although I didn't get any 'after' pictures.  Bedtime was right after pumpkin carving; stuck the pumpkin on the porch, and then true to October weather here in the NW it rained- HARD.
All the paint washed away! 
*sniff*  :(
Lesson learned.

Better Homes and Gardens
My favorite Halloween decoration!!
Every year I think I'd like to finally make this- it's not difficult- I just don't seem to have the right spot to hang it!  Orange and silver paper party cups trimmed with ball fringe and rick rack.  I just adore ball fringe, so you had me there, BHG. 
A string of holiday lights poked through the bottom of the cups to make a cute, festive garland.

I really need to figure out where I can do this- it's too cute to pass up.

Hope you enjoyed some fun fall inspirations!


  1. Girl, You really put me in full on fall mode! I love it.

  2. Wow! Great inspirations!!! LOVE the pumpkin tower welcome sign!! :)

  3. Great inspirations! I heart BHG!! The lantern pumpkins are so cool! I am so sorry that the paint washed away, they looked really great from your pic.

  4. There are some neat decorations out there! I like the pumpkins. Martha Stewart had new ones out this year I think. Wish I had the steam to carve me one!

  5. BHG has the best ideas! I love the mirror and those lights are so easy and cute. I got a glimps of the bottom part of your wall behind the dining table...how did you decide to decorate it?

  6. I love all that inspiration. I haven't been inspired to get out the halloween or fall decor yet but I'm hoping this might inspire me to!

  7. I keep mine in an inspiration binder....waiting to get to someday! Fun ideas!

  8. I just love Fall. I have those Better Homes & Gardens photos bookmarked too : ) Last year for my pumpkins I tried to recreate a Martha Stewart idea of a haunted house pumkin with cut out windows. Love the lantern ones!


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