failure and determination

I am exhausted. 
I decided to paint the master bath on Saturday while my husband and daughter went to a football game.

here's the before:

You can see that I had my sample on the wall. 
Actually, I've had that sample up since the beginning of August. 
A good long time to look at it.
Because I was soooo tired of all the beige.

It worked with the red- except the red in the bedroom is gone.

And everything was beige!!!
the ceiling too! You can see from the light fixture that there's this golden-y beige glow....
lots-o brown. 
And what spurred on this job?
That's right. 
The trashy looking light fixture. 
 It was very nice- except one day I noticed a crack.  You can see it on the left there. Upon closer inspection, the whole thing was cracked!  I was really worried that the glass globe would just fall off and smack somebody in the head, so I took it off! 
And this is what we have.
A painting project from a light fixture that needs to be replaced. 
Well, that and the master bedroom makeover.
Round one:
Beachy blue!  White ceiling!

I was loving the brightness and lightness of the new color!

the ceiling with bright white paint- you can see the major difference already.

 In the middle of the second coat, I started feeling like this wasn't working.
Don't you hate that feeling? 
Me too.
Because I was sore, and tired.
All I could hear in my head was:
Big fat fail.
The colors in the bedroom weren't the same shade of blue.  And I knew that would bug me.
Plus, the brown tile and the blue just didn't go together. 
We're going to trade it out for something more "us" in the next little bit,
but in the meantime, I knew I couldn't live with this.

Round 2:
I had some leftover paint from the bedroom-
Benjamin Moore's Indian White, mixed up in Home Depot's Behr paint.
I had about a third of a can left, and started cutting in.

Much, much better. 
I liked that the bedroom color was flowing into the bathroom now instead of chopping up the rooms. 
And, the more I thought about it, the more I liked it because it reminded me of the picture I posted last week:

And you know how when you get on a roll,
 you can just start to see everything come together more readily?
The Indian White goes better with the current tile until we transition to the new stuff.
The floors will have the white vintage octagonal tile with a gray or tan grout.
I found some white marble tiles that we can put on the countertops and around the tub deck.
White beadboard around the tub base.
I wasn't totally sure what I was going to do about the drapery treatment,
but now I think I will just carry the bamboo roman shades through (same as the bedroom),
and then a breezy white curtain to top it off.
Some individual swivel mirrors,
and polished silver light fixtures with frosted white shades.

Yep.  That's the ticket.

oh, and just so that you don't think all that blue paint went to waste...
I found the perfect spot for it.
On the back wall of my china cabinet. 

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. I really like it!! The color makes it so bright and cheery! I liked the color of the blue, but you were right, it didn't quite go with the tile you had. It looks gorgeous in the china cabinet though! Nice job! I LOVE you tub, so jealous!!

    I hate it when you do all that work and just "feel" that it isn't right. I would love octagonal tiles in my bathroom as well!

  2. I liked that blue, but agree that I'm not sure it went with the 2 browns in the tile. I think the color you ended up with really looks nice. You can always add some blue accents if you really want it in there. Nice job!

  3. you have been a busy what you've done to your bathroom. you inspire me!

  4. Love it, Denise! I can tell school has started for Hannah! LOL! I think you made a great choice in color and I love the idea of adding the bamboo roll down shade in the bathroom with some white curtains. It is a very clean look! Keep it up!

  5. Oh I hate painting...I get SO frustrated! I love how your project all stemmed from a light fixture : ) Your bathroom is looking good!


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