Extreme Home Makeover is here!

No, not at my house-
in my city!

A couple weeks ago, I was able to go to the pep rally at my church.  Here is one of the producers talking about the show, and telling us about community involvement.
To the left, you can see a small screen that has the name of the builder that is doing the project.
(Rich Duncan Construction)

Tonight, we were able to drive past the site.  It's pretty cool to see all the RV's and lights and tents!
I've heard a couple stories about Ty Pennington and Paige Hemmis (the cute blonde with the pink tools)
from friends who have been able to meet them. 

I signed up to volunteer, but never got a call back.  :(
I found out later that the online form I filled out had more to fill out than what I submitted. 

The project involves our blind school & deaf school. 
They host an annual Halloween haunted house. 
I guess that is part of the makeover, along with one of the dorms.
It will air on Halloween night! 

Hope you'll watch and get a glimpse of where I live!

several hundred people showed up to hear about the process of a building project with Extreme Home Makeover

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