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Last Friday and yesterday, my friend Janna and I got to make some fun centerpieces for our women's bible study that is starting this week. 
We had a $50 budget for five tables (!) so we went shopping and hoped to get some inspiration along the way.
I think they turned out pretty cute, and we even came in under budget!  woo hoo!

Here's what we purchased:
-some scrapbook papers
-metal hearts with clothespin backs
-mini frame magnets

  • some mini fall leaves in sparkly and non sparkly

  • cut glass bowls

  • floral frogs in cylinder shape

  • not shown but purchased: gold glass pots

we started by cutting out some general leaf shapes out of the scrapbook papers.

Next, Janna printed out some tree names (to identify each table by).
We then used an antiquing medium on the paper to age it.

Then we used some Modge Podge on the metal hearts and covered them with more of the scrapbook papers.  The tree names were also covered in the MP to secure them together.

We went scavenging for some twigs and got lots to fill our gold glass pots. 
They even had red berries on them!
We secured them with the foam floral frogs and a little hot glue.
The base of our "trees" were covered with split peas to hide the foam.

Then we tied on our paper leaves with some thin twine.

The glass bowls were flipped upside down and filled with shredded newspaper. We topped the bowls with the gold glass pots, and added our clip hearts and frames.

The finished centerpiece!

We also needed to come up with something for the registration table.
It will later be used for where the snacks and welcome table will be.

We had purchased another glass vase, put some floral foam in the bottom, and put the twigs in.
The peas were added to hide the foam.  We had planned to add the scrapbook paper around the vase and ran into a snag when we realized it didn't reach all the way around the vase....
so we made it into a corset!
We thought it was waaayy cuter that way anyway!

We simply clipped the heart onto one of the twigs with a 'Welcome' on it instead of a tree name.

Here's the breakdown:

-metal clip hearts 2/$1

-scrapbooking papers- under $1 each.

-twigs: free

-glass bowls and vase $1 each

-floral foam 2/$1

-gold glass pots- I think they were $3.99 each?

-fall leaf scatter- sparkly and non sparkly $1 a bag.  I think we purchased three.

-The ModPodge and twine were all things that we had on hand.   Newsprint was from the recycle bin. 
-The peas were .72 a bag.

There you have it!
Five fall centerpieces for under $50!

I'm going to end this post with a MASSIVE plea for help!
I have tried a dozen times to load Link Within to my blog- I've even asked some of you experienced bloggers out there for tips.
...and I still can't get it to work on my blog!  >:(
Any tips????
It seems like it should be pretty easy to load, but it simply won't work for me.
What am I doing or not doing?
No thumbnails show up.

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. That is such a cute decoration! The split peas in the bottom is a super idea, and I do like how your leaves turned out. SO CLEVER!

  2. Those are so cute! Thanks for the FYI about age varnish! I had no idea. I am going out to buy some today!

  3. Those are really nice! My favorite aspects were the use of the split peas and the corset is FABulous!!

    p.s. - Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog! I've done the same :) Boring yellow-beige be gone!! LOL

  4. Denise you are so sweet! Your comment made my week! Thanks so much for following and linking up...I will be following you as well! This idea with the twigs helps me out big time for a shower I'm throwing for my sister in law...thank you, thank you (and the peas...who woulda thought GENIUS!)

  5. Those turned out great!! I love the leaves! So cute! :)

  6. Denise, Good to see you on Toot Your Horn Tuesday! My inspiring messages are now available on Twitter. Stop by and sign up!

  7. hi denise! thanks for becoming a follower of cottage romance! i appreciate you and your comments! i love your fall crafts projects and your blog is pretty, i look forward to looking at more of it!

  8. Those are fabulous! Would never have guessed they were only $10!!! Wow! You have a real gift!

  9. Those turned out so great!! The hearts and adorable! Nice job!

  10. I love your centerpieces - those look fabulous. I especially love the paper leaves and the split peas. So creative!

  11. Those are awesome Denise. Like everyone else, I love the split peas, cool touch!


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