wish list item that isn't a wish anymore

Don't you just love getting fun packages at your doorstep?  ME TOO! 
And I was so excited to get two this weekend!
One of my long standing wish list items was the Cameron Cotton drapes from Pottery Barn.  I've stared at an empty curtain rod in my family room for about 5 months. 
No joke. 
People would tease me about the empty curtain rod.  I think I was hoping the curtain fairies would magically appear overnight and hang them up for me.  Nope.
So I finally went ahead and ordered them. 
I have some more coming for our nook, but that size was on backorder, so I get another fun package in a couple weeks!

Ta da!!

Here was the before:

and another after from the other side:

Ah!  So much better!
Ok, so the second fun thing I got this weekend were these:

 You've probably seen lots of other bloggers advertising these neat little things, and I had never seen / heard of these until recently.  They're pretty cool!  You clean the item you want to hang (in my case a vintage tray) or plates (which I plan to use with the rest of these guys soon), moisten the back of the disk with some water, press it into place on the back of the item, let it sit overnight, and voila!  you have an invisible hanger!  Very inexpensive- I paid $7 for four of them, and the shipping was free.  The gentleman who sent them is from the U.K. and was very nice.  I plan on getting more!  You can check them out here.

I also worked on our nook table over the weekend, and was very happy with the end result. 
Here's the transformation.

sanded and primed

finished product!
We also had the privelege of attending a lovely wedding over the weekend.  It was at a historic mansion called Deepwood Estate, and the wedding took place outside in the gardens.  A beautiful evening with a beautiful couple!

We also enjoyed a very early morning breakfast on Sunday with some of our buddies, one of them who was here from L.A. and also participated in the wedding.  A great time of cinnamon chip french toast, and catching up.
Finally, I found a COOL piece for our living room.  For awhile now, I've been thinking that I'd love an architectural element above the living room windows.

I found this piece at - wait for it....
Aunt Bee's parking lot sale!
I sooooo wished I would have remembered my camera!!! I could have taken you along to see all the fun stuff! 
I saw this beautiful shelf on a table, looked at the price, and thought, "Hm.  Gorgeous, but I can't spend that much today." ($49)
I finished up my quick tour, making mental notes of things I might want to go back and pick up later.  But the shelf kept nagging at me. 
You know that feeling when you realize that's what you really want?
I started rehearsing in my head the possibility of asking the vendor if that was her best price.  I quickly but nonchalantly walked back over to the table,
Yep, still there! yahoo!
I casually picked up the shelf....
I just about fainted when the price tag now magically read

I love all the patina on it.  It's big and very heavy!  I'm hoping we can anchor it to the wall securely so it doesn't come crashing down.
 It will probably get painted white and distressed a bit.  I think it would look the best with all the living room colors. 

I hope your weekend was peaceful, relaxing and fun! 


  1. LOVE your table redo!
    OK where were those disc things when I was hanging plates :)

  2. Wow! Great table makeover! Love your shelf find too!!

  3. Interesting about the plate hangers - I would still worry about a plate breaking, though....hope it's real sticky!

  4. That shelf is great! I love the colors on it. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  5. GREAT SCORE!! I love the shelf! Visiting from Coastal Charms thifty thrifty party :)

  6. I LOVE your newly painted table - it looks fantastic!


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