I've been doing this blog thing for almost a solid two months now, and I know it's a little late to say 'Welcome!' but this post is more about the front door.  :)

Isn't it interesting how a swinging hunk of slab of wood can say so much to people before they even enter our homes?

Here's our entry:

I wish I had a wide angle lens to show you what it looks like better...

People frequently ask me what my topiary tree is- it's a Wax Leaf Privet.  We bought ours already shaped, but typically at a nursery they look like a plain old green leafy plant.  But I have to say that it is one of my favorite plants!! It is easily shaped, has beautiful green glossy leaves, and it's very hardy. 

I used to see these same topiaires with the Impatiens (the pink flowers at the base) all down Lake Avenue in Pasadena when I was in college.  I thought they were so pretty and welcoming, very elegant without being too pretentious.  And I thought, someday I'd like to have that at my front door. 
I also love geraniums- I have them throughout our yard (and to the left of the front door) in the little flower box. 
The B that we have next to our door is from Anthropologie.  In our last neighborhood,  I used to frequently walk past a house that had the same B next to the door, and I just loved it!  When I discovered where it came from I was excited to have my own!

I also like to have a simple twig wreath on my door.  I just love twiggy things!

Lastly, it's more on the front of our porch, than our front door....
our flag. 
One of the things I love about our neighborhood are all the flags that people have up on the front of their homes.  When I drive through a neighborhood and see flags waving down the street, it just seems to say that it is a friendly place to be.

In about another month and a half, our hillside of trees will be in gorgeous shades of oranges, yellows and reds.  I'm not excited to say goodbye to warm nights on the porch, but I sure love the views in the fall...

Thanks for coming to my front door! :)
Enjoy your Thursday~



    This is a perfectly styled entrance- very cute! I have geraniums by my front door too : ) I love them- the blooms last so long.

  2. I would love to sit on your porch and watch the leaves change on that wonderful mountain...lucky you!

  3. Hi Denise...I found your blog through Sandra at Stone Creek Market. I am your neighbor living in the Portland area. We have been having a gorgeous summer and I am not ready for Fall either. It comes soon enough! Pasadena is a gorgeous city. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, California, so we visited Pasadena often! Welcome to Blogland. I look forward to visiting again. I signed up to follow your blog!


  4. Beautiful door! I love the simple wreath with the ribbon. Your topiary is amazing as well! I myself am looking forward of cooler nights,(means fires on the deck) and the changing colors of the scenery! Fall is my favorite! I bet were you are the view is so beautiful in the fall!!!


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