Weekend adventures

Wow, such a fun weekend thrifting and creating!!

I worked on a lot of projects, and was on a high from all the treasures I found!  Once again, I made not one, but two trips out to Aunt Bee's.  I was telling a friend that I think I may have a problem.  She said we should start a group called A.B.A.- Aunt Bee's Anonymous.  Seriously!

Besides all the creating, the three of us did some volunteering over the weekend through our church and an organization called Dream Center.  We went to our local high school and did some MAJOR clean up.  The school has only been open for about 7 years, but the overgrowth was making it look pretty shabby already. (and not in a Shabby Chic kinda way)  Several hundred volunteers all pitched in pulling weeds, spreading barkdust and painting.  The transformation was amazing!

Speaking of transformations, here are a few of mine:

A rummage sale find!  Never mind the hideous picture- I saw the potential in the frame!

Remember this little guy for $3.95?  He actually had a brother, and I couldn't separate them, so I went back the next day and rescued him as well. (at 50% off over the weekend)

Much better now!  I'm not done with the wall art, but it's getting there.  :)  Stay tuned.

This $3.95 thrift store cushion got a facelift....

I found this cute French flower bucket at True Value on their clearance table.  Originally marked $10.99.... down to $4.99.... I ended up only paying $1.99 at the register!!
It looks great in my living room with some of our hydrangeas.  This spot desperately needed some height and was just was I was looking for. 

I got this cute vintage suitcase and picnic basket for our bedroom makeover accessorizing. The suitcase was one of my Aunt Bee finds- the basket was from a thrift shop.  $12.95 for the suitcase, $4 for the basket (half price over the weekend as well)

...and then I got to do some dumpster diving and found another vintage suitcase!!!  Can you believe it was going to be thrown away??! 

eat your heart out Pottery Barn!!  ha ha!  (Pottery Barn, you know I still love you.)

And a few more Aunt Bee's treasures....

an old pair of window shutters.  I hope to tuck some beach and family photos into the slots. 
Maybe even take Nate Berkus's advice and put in a special note from a loved one...

A cute little sign- more accessorizing the beachy bedroom makeover

an adorable vintage metal tray with my favorite flowers- gardenias!
It will become a part of a wall collage over the green tufted bench in our living room.  I gotta go order some of those Dischangers that I am seeing all over blogland!

and a beautiful vintage picture- also a part of the collage wall!

And lastly- another dumpster diving find...
an old crabbing basket? I thought it might work in the beachy bedroom- any suggestions?  Since it is collapsable, I thought maybe hanging it with a plant in it or a big candle?? hmmmm....

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Great finds! And I love the porch swing...makes me wish I had a big front porch.
    This Aunt Bee's sounds like an amazing place.

  2. Thanks Melanie! I love my porch swing too. I use it all the time. :)
    I may need to take you all on a virtual tour of Aunt Bee's sometime!


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