The living room- so far...

We moved into our house two years ago, and it has been so much fun transforming it into a comfy place for our family.  That said, I'm not sure there is any one room that is 'done'!  I inevitably end up hopping from project to project (a little here, a little there) -so it's hard to show you too much at this point, but we're gettin there!  Decorating is a process, and I always think that rooms are continually transforming and changing throughout the life of a house anyway.  Did I mention that we've lived in four different houses in the last 10 years??! Our last home we really downsized for financial reasons, so now it's a little bit like starting over. 
On with the living room!  Last week I showed you some pictures of our dining room, and now the room that connects to it:
Here's the before when we moved in two years ago:

This room has seen a lot of different pieces of furniture cycle through, and rearranging of furniture, and I'm sure there will be more to come!  I tackled the enormous job of painting the downstairs- I chose a soft green that was reminiscint of a vintage color.  It's called Pistachio Tint from Lowe's.  A big thanks to my hubby for letting me once again choose green as our base color.  He was on board after seeing it on the walls, but we've had varying shades of green in every house we've lived in!  He was really pulling for a change.  We did look at some other choices, but in the end, greens are such a neutral color, it just seems to work with so many other colors.

I attempted to paint up here, but this isn't even the top of the wall!  We ended up hiring a contractor to come in and paint all the second story areas.  It was worth it!

One of my favorite things about this room is the VIEW! Even though we live in a neighborhood, it's in a semi rural area, and we are surrounded by a canyon of trees.  Since our house faces west, the sunsets on the porch are amazing.

I love this trunk. It was a great find from Ikea!

The couch was also purchased from Ikea- it's great for a room that only gets used when we have guests (that's how I can get away with white! slipcover!)

My pug pillow.  This was from Country House catalog.  My three year old niece just loves to walk around with it when she's over.  :)

The interior of the hutch.  This piece was purchased from an antique store years ago and has been all over the house!  It went from pine color, to black, to it's current white.  The 18 plaque is the day of our anniversary.

For now, I had these shelves stored away and they were a great wall filler- hoping to add something more substantial over time, but for now it was an inexpensive way to fill in.  The clock was made by my grandfather and is a family heirloom.

The bird print to the right of the hutch is actually wrapping paper from a paper goods store!  It was an inexpensive way to fill in the other side of the wall.  It also fits in with a lot of the nature and bird theme I have going on.

My faux roses.  The pop of pink in the room. 
The rocks in the silver dish?  It may look like a pile of old gray rocks, but they were collected in Carlsbad, CA at the beach when I was visiting my best friend.  I think of her and that trip when I see them.

This desk/secretary is a vintage piece from my mother in law.  I always liked it, so when it was going into a garage sale, I snagged it!  I added the glass knobs.  Still looking for a cute little bench to put underneath it. 

The entry way

One of the first things I bought for the house before we moved in!

One of my favorite finds- the green tufted bench.  I found this at a garage sale and it was a big score!
I have a new project for the art above it- I hope to have it up in the next few weeks, but for now
some summer strawberries....

Thanks for touring my living room.  Like I said, it's a process, and I like how it's coming together so far!  There will be more changes along the way, and hopefully you will come back and visit again!


  1. I can not express to you how much I love it!!!! All of the colors are amazing. Job well done.

  2. Thanks Val! You brought a smile to my face today!


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