the kitchen

Here's a little tour of my kitchen.  It too is in need of some oomph, and it's been a process of finding the balance of functionality and pretty.  It's a nice area, and since the house is only a few years old, we're in the baby steps still with this room too. When we moved in it was brown, brown and more BROWN. 
Brown walls.
Brown floors.
Brown cabinets.
Brown tile.
Did I mention it was brown?

Here's what it looked like when we moved:

Here it is today:

Main view

The Pistachio Tint that we used throughout the downstairs helped to break up the BROWN! :) 
 I like the cabinets better with the pale green against it.  However, in the four homes we've owned, this is the very first house we purchased without white cabinetry.  Which I am partial to. 

I've felt awful for wishing for something else since these are beautiful and brand new.  I am truly grateful for this home and I love it.  But I am hoping that we can paint the cabinetry white in the near future.  The only question is....will we do it ourselves or have someone else come in and do it for us?

Knowing how I operate, it wouldn't surprise me or my immediate family if I just suddenly decided to do it. 
Sometimes you gotta jump in and get it done.
I sometimes am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl!

Our chalkboard with my new favorite quote.  :)

...our "entertaining" corner- not quite a butler's pantry, but we use this area - top to bottom -
for all of our barware, wine, cocktail napkins, cookbooks, matches, special serving pieces, etc.
And of course, Bella's treat jar.

I found this at Target several years ago from Rachel Ashwell's line. 
She has a pug too, by the way!

The view of the island.  I love my Dash & Albert rug. 
It's really hard to see the colors- but it's in the same palette as the rest of my house-
Jamaican Ticking is the design.

the nifty little soap pump that I talked about last week!

...the island lighting.  Not sure if we will hold onto these guys.  They're pretty, but kind of like the cabinets, I'm not sure they're totally "us". 
I've seen some at Lowe's that I'd like to possibly switch them out for.

Also, not that I'm loving the fact that I'm pointing out something that I'd rather not:
see that green post to the right of the first light? 

Yeah, the awkward green post?

I don't know why it never occured to me when I was painting this room, but the NEW plan is to paint it the same color as the white trim, and add some crown to the top so it looks like a real architectural post and not some weird green post in the middle of the room!

A few years ago, I got these stools at a discount unfinished furniture store here locally.  I paid about half the price if I'd ordered them ready made. 

If I do go white on the cabinets,
(I mean really- who am I kidding- it's stuck in my head, I just should start saying when...)
I think I'd like to repaint these in a fun color.  But, they might look great in the black....who knows??

I love things with labels.  :)

The great thing about our kitchen, and what really sold me on it was the fact that you can have people over and see everyone in the family room, dining room, and most of the living room from the kitchen. It's a great space for entertaining- everyone feels connected.

Thanks for touring my space.  It's a work in progress to make it "just right" for us.  I hope you'll join me on the journey of our home's transformation. 
Yes, even new homes can be transformed!


  1. You do have a nice large area! Our kitchen and dining area are open too, but we have a much smaller cabin - so it doesn't seem as spacious as your rooms do!

  2. Are you going to paint your cabinets white?? I have wanted to paint my kicthen cabinets white for ahile, but keep being a chicken about it (my paint skills can sometimes be lacking!)I love your view from the kitchen sink- nice and open!

    PS I loooove things with labels too : )

  3. yep, pretty sure the cabinets will be going white at some point! :)
    Melanie, there are LOTS of blogs out there where people have tutorials on how to do it. A couple are My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia, and I think Susie Harris has one as well? They are both on my blog list. :)

  4. Your kitchen is so pretty and open! I love how it opens it up to the family brings everyone in! I used to have white cabinets...but I think your dark wood is gorgeous! What a beautiful home...

  5. Your kitchen looks great! I love the green paint~ I have a soft green paint in my kitchen too. My cupboards are white- I have an old 1940 house and they are mostly original. (I'll be doing an updated post about it soon!) The white cupboards will look great in your kitchen~ though I think the dark wood looks beautiful too. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Nice to meet you~ new follower here! :)

  6. Btw~ I have a little blonde chihuahua named Bella! :)

  7. I'm totally envious of all that cabinet and counter space! I know what you mean about the cabinet color though as I am also a white kitchen lovin girl!

    The pink color we painted Emma's room is call Flower Petal Pink and is an old Martha Stewart color from Lowes. They should still be able to mix it.

  8. What a nice big open space to entertain. I am not into wood cupboards either however it would be my husbands dream to make wood stained cupboards for our house...something about men and stained wood (OAK). I could live with it if the stain was really light...I think. Anyway I am with you I like white.

  9. Your kitchen is beautiful!! It is so open and airy an so much room!!! When we moved in our house everything was brown and cream. Now what was brown is white and what was cream is whatever color I decide on that month! :) I think your kitchen would look great with the white cupboards, but I am a little partial to white paint!!

  10. I've always loved your kitchen. I think it's so cool how you are taking a new house and really putting your "stamp" on it! Good job. :)


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