I've been a busy girl... fun treasure hunting

I had my list of items I wanted to search out today- I only found one of the items I intended to, and the rest were too good to pass up.
I am nearing the finish line on the master bedroom makeover.  Some of the items were for that project.  A couple of the treasures I found today were great deals! 
Here we go:

Some fabric and trim for my side table in the master bedroom. The fabric wasn't a deal, but it has been really difficult to match the blue in my quilt!!! I thought I'd be able to spot right away what I wanted, but I literally walked back and forth in the store for 20 minutes.  I wanted something like a coral print, but it either had too many yellows or oranges or navy blues.  This piece had all the right colors.  The trim was a remnant, but
3 3/4yds of it should work for it.
I found this shadow box of seashells at a thrift shop and couldn't pass it up!

yay!! Finding this helped ease the pain of losing an ebay find over the weekend.  I had tried to win a vintage paint by number of a ship- it had all the colors of our bedroom, but some crazy fool was willing to pay way more than I wanted to.  I was pretty sad, but I think this will work out great. 

I am in the process of cozying up our front porch.  I got this porch swing for my birthday this year and I just adore it.  Warm summer nights with a glass of wine are heavenly.  I found this cushion at the same thrift shop.  Guess how much?

Unbelievable!!  The print is nice, and the fabric is in good shape, but I plan to slipcover it in an off white fabric.  It will go much better with the palette I have already started:

Another favorite porch item- my twig chairs.  I have wanted these forever, and my husband bought them for our anniversary 3 years ago.  What a guy!

Another thrift shop find!  I plan to paint this white and then bring out some of the detail on the front.  I think it may go on that wall in the family room (the one I mentioned yesterday) along with some other accessories.

Last, not a deal, but something that kept me busy all afternoon.  (good thing a sudden summer thunder shower happened- I didn't feel too guilty working inside!)

Hoping to reveal the master bedroom makeover later this week!  My ceiling project is complete.  I just love the results!
Hoping you have some thrifty treasures you can take home this week~
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  1. Great finds! And I love those twig chairs...I've been wanting some of those forever..I'm gonna have to show this to my hubby and say "Look what her hubby bought her!"
    I'm a new follower!

  2. I love everyone of your treasures!!!!!

  3. Stopping over from Cheri's blog. You found some great stuff! I really like that shell shadowbox, what a good find. It makes me want to try to do something like that with all of my own shells!

  4. Welcome Jen! I am honored to have you here. :)

    And thanks to Val and Kristen for stopping by- Kristen, you should try it- the background is burlap. I painted the frame white- I hope to show it in it's new home tomorrow!

  5. What a great eye you have!! So many amazing deals!! Would love to go shopping/hunting together :D Again...great blog!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~


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