I wish...

My dream house would look something like this.  It's one of my tear outs in my giant file folder box of pictures that inspire me in my decorating.  I love Tudor style homes!  I once read that Americans number one style of home that draws them in is a Tudor.  Amazing, right?  What's not to love in this charming style though?  It has just about all my favorite elements- the rounded door, peaked rooflines, bay window....sigh.  The only thing missing from this particular house for me is the classic diamond pane windows.  Not that there's anything wrong with this house mind you! 
from BHG, photograph by Kim Cornelison
Since I posted that I was at my 20th reunion, I thought I'd let you know that I had an amazing weekend with former (notice I avoided the word OLD!) classmates!  It was a three day weekend, and I was amazed that for our tiny class (56 students) we had a great turnout.  People from Alaska, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Pennsylvania attended!  I was especially excited to see so many of my girlfriends that have moved far away.  Here's a couple of my favorite pictures from our weekend:

It was a fun weekend with great food, reconnecting, and watching our kids get to know each other. 
I'm pretty wiped out from all the festivities- and now, getting ready to do some boat camping!
Enjoy your week~


  1. your reunion pictures look like so much fun! and I love the door bell and lights that you want - they will look great on the front of your house.

  2. Oh,this is a fabulous house! You are so right about the windows- the only thing it is missing is those diamon panes. It probably has great built-ins and fireplaces... I wish we could look inside!


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