I said I wasn't ready to show you my nook area...

but here goes...

I'm going to be brave.

I can already hear the sounds of a flat and fading trumpet section fizzle into the air.
I hate that it is such a blah area, because in my mind I know what I want it to look like!!
Cozy.  Inviting.  Charming.
Not so much.

There's my big ol blank of a nothing wall.  You have to imagine with me that someday it will look maybe something like:

photo from Country Living, Easy Kitchen Transformations
see what I mean?  You already know I want to have some kind of banquette or bench seating.  I don't have windows like this, but I love the architectural arch, the plates on the wall....
Maybe some open shelving?
So, I am starting with this:

We've had this table for awhile, and a few years ago I thought my white table with the natural wood top would look great in all black.  It did, except you know what black does?  It shows every little piece of white lint and dust the minute you step away from cleaning it.  Ugh.
So guess what I'm painting it?
(I'm hearing Michael Jackson's song, "It's black, it's white, say yeah yeah yeah...."

Here's the progress so far. I'm looking forward to the white again.  I'm going to keep the chairs black- I think the contrast will look nice.
Here's another look at my embarrassingly blank wall.  (it hasn't always been like this- I did have some "stuff" up there- I've just been in rearranging mode)

So imagine with me, if you will,  a white table, some kind of bench seating, maybe open shelving and some art, a new lantern or drum shade light fixture, curtains that hang properly!
 and a smiling girl.


  1. Love the idea of a bench seating! It's going to look fabulous :)

  2. Sorry if this posts twice...I kept getting an error. I was looking at the picture you like and the white table, chairs, bench would be sooo cute. For the big blank wall I was thinking (just my suggestions) you could make a arch using vintage plates 5-7 plates towards the top half of the wall. Under the plates you could center a white mirror or framed print. On either side of the mirror you could hang candle sconces or planters with silk flowers. I would keep the large pieces white and use the candles, flowers, etc. for splashes of accent colors.

  3. Hey Denise!
    I'm sure you'll come up with just the right thing to put on that blank wall! It does need some coziness but once you get your table repainted, something will come to you - something 'uniquely YOU'! **hugs**

  4. Hi Denise, Just wanted to say hello, and good luck with your nook area. It's a tough place to work with for sure. I have the bay windows, and used to have a round table there, but I wanted to utilize the space better, so last year I had some bench seating installed. I still want to change several things, but all in all, it was worth it. I wish my nook looked half as cute as the magazine pic, but I am very much still working on it too. Thanks for sharing your dreams for this room. I look forward to seeing what you come up with, and seeing as how you have a way to make do with your decorating, you will do something really cool. I really like your beach bedroom makeover, I think its fantastic. !!! If you would like to share a project, I have a NEW party going on, and would really love to have you. Thanks again Denise!!

  5. Thank you all for your encouraging words. I have to keep telling myself it's a process, and I can't do it in a day! I like all the ideas and appreciate your comments so much. Thanks for reading. :)


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