family room before and after (well, almost)

I stumbled across some photos hiding on my camera today, and the timing couldn't be more perfect!  I was planning on showing you my family room, and now you can see some true before photos!!
Here's what it looks like currently:

and here's what it looked like just 6 months after we moved in:

we had a different sofa and chair set, our too tiny, well loved chest as a coffee table, our apartment days media console, and the corner fireplace.  Oh! and the original taupe wall color.

We painted everything in the Pistachio Tint (Valspar, Lowe's) and added a new sectional for more seating.  Our family room is approximately 12'x13'.  Not big. 
But it's very open to the kitchen, dining room and living room!  That was one of the things I loved about it when we first saw it- I could picture us having get togethers, and everyone can see everything that's going on from any room downstairs.
We also decided it was time to upgrade our media storage.  We purchased our new piece from Home Decorator's Collection.  It has great hidden storage in the doors, as well as the pullout drawers in front.
The vase of twigs next to the fireplace got some floral twigs added in as well.

I made the pillows for our sectional- the fabric is from JoAnn's, and I added my favorite trim- ball fringe.  :)

We chose an ultrasuede for our sectional, and I LOVE how well it cleans up!  We have a lot of people over, and with kids, pets, and the occasional spill, I haven't had anything yet that hasn't come up with a damp rag!  Chocolate, spaghetti sauce, good ol's all wiped away. How can you not love that?  The sales lady said she has the same one, and her grand kids have even had butter on it, and it's cleaned up!

And of course, the new coffee table! ♥
The little side table on the left was a great find from TJ Maxx.

the new accessories- the basket and white bowl are from Target.
My husband is soooooo glad not to have the little green plant that was on the previous coffee table.  He would get so frustrated with it blocking the sensor remote to the TV, that on more than one occasion he would have liked to chuck it down the street.  I think the lower profile made him pretty happy!

this is a close up of one of the prints above the TV.  It's actually a vintage image from my clip art program that I've used before.  I simply found the images I wanted, printed them as large as I could on photo card stock, and matted and framed them!  Free art, just the cost of the frames. 
I also hung them asymetrically- it was easier and more visually appealing than hanging them in a row.

Next on the agenda:  Curtains!  I need something soft for the room, and am waiting for the right ones.  The bamboo shades will stay.  I also have the wall next to the TV that is in need of some additional art/accessories, and once I can plan my *field trip* (it's a secret for now, coming up in a future post), I should be able to complete that. 
Thanks for visiting my family room! 


  1. I love what you did with the fireplace!! I think I have the same bamboo blinds in the kitchen...., they didn't last long, rope is not strong enough for daily use, so they stay open now, I just really love the looks of them.

  2. Again, I just love your paint choices. That Pistachio is so cool and calm!

    P.S. Thank you for visiting me at my blog and your sweet comment! I'm so new at this blogging thing and just love when I "meet" someone new. I will be following you along and looking forward to seeing more of your projects : )


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