Exterior wishlist

Are you noticing a theme with yesterday's and today's posts?  I have exterior improvements on the brain!  Probably because I am realizing that summer is quickly coming to a close and all of my to do hopefuls didn't happen- at least yet!  I guess there's still time? ;)
There's a lot that I love about our house, but even though it's a new home, everything was completed when we found it.  Translation: I love our house, but there's a lot I am looking forward to changing!
Here's my wishlist for the curb appeal I'd like:

Instead of the builder grade doorbell...
I want to switch it out for this:

Pretty cute, huh?  This is from Rejuvenation Hardware.

And instead of this lighting and house numbers...

I'm wanting to replace with these:

the lighting is from Lowe's and the house numbers are from Rejuvenation Hardware.  I love the vintage feel that they lend, and think it will fit better with the craftsman style home that we have!
What's on your wishlist?

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