don't worry, it's only a scratch

Let me just say that I ♥ Old English!!!  Wow! Today was the day for scratch removal for the new coffee table.  I went to the Happiest Place on Earth (aka, Target) and was looking for a product to hide all the surface scratches.  I purchased the Old English scratch remover for around $3 and went to work on it today. 

First you start with a clean rag and touch up all the individual scratches.  Be generous- I used a new dose for almost each scratch. See this one?

Once you've covered all the individual scratches, you take another clean rag and put a healthy amount on it, and then rub the whole table down (or whatever your project is). This helps to polish it up and smooth out everything you just worked on.  Next, use another clean rag to wipe the table down. That's it!  I kept saying while I was working on this, "wow!  this is amazing!"  It truly covered everything!  And there were a lot of scratches!!  here's the end result.

looks good, no?

As good as new! I can't believe the results myself! 
If you're ever unsure of purchasing a used wood piece again, and want to keep the original wood finish, let this be inspiration for you to go for it.


  1. It looks great! I have never used the scratch remover brand of Old English. I may just have to get some for some spots on my furniture. Thanks for the tip and I can't wait to see the table in person!

  2. I actually enjoyed it so much I was kind of disappointed when it was done! what else can I work on? ;) It worked like a dream and they also have the same thing for lighter color wood.

  3. Isn't there something therapeutic about these kind of projects? Beautiful table Denise, great find!


  4. Thanks Heather! Maybe I should add scratch remover/table polisher to my resume so I can do some more! ;)

  5. That's pretty awesome stuff. I must try it.


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