Vintage birdfeeder!

Here's what I was working on yesterday. I found this cute vintage birdfeeder at Aunt Bee's (one of my favorite spots, as I've mentioned before...) I was very excited when I spotted it, because I've had this vision for awhile of the perfect place for one in my backyard.

We headed on over to Lowe's and picked up the supplies to put it together. A 4x4 post, some cement, a wooden base for the house and some 1x1's for the support bracket.

Add in a cute supervisor....

water in the cement....and wait overnight! Hopefully we can get the rest up and running soon. I'll post the finished pictures when it's ready.

Enjoy your day~


  1. Saw your blog on Somewhat Simple and I thought I would stop by and look around.

    You have super cute your master bedroom make over. I totally remember that episode I LOVED that room. I LOVED the family room he did on that episode too.

    Sigh, I wish he could just come and decorate my house. Him and Sarah from HGTV's Sarah's house. You ever watch that??? You totally should.

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  2. Larissa, thank you so much!! I loved that green ceiling in that makeover. I would love to have wood paneled ceilings. :)
    YES! Love Sarah Richardson!
    Thanks for checking in on my blog, you made my day.


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