I was thinking about blogging this morning and remembering when I went to see "Julie & Julia". I could so relate to Julie and the scene where she's having lunch with all her high power business world friends. At the age and stage I'm at, most of my friends have gone back to work and careers. It's been frustrating to want to do something creatively, but not wanting to sacrifice my time with my daughter- even though she's in school full time now, I like when she's home for summer, or home sick from school, or has a school event, that I can be there for her and not try and haggle a schedule at work. I was tired of office politics by the time I did stop working, and felt like I was a better wife and mom having my job be at home. (CFO, chef, head gardener, interior decorator, taxi driver, get the picture.)
But I wanted there to be some creative meaning to what I did, and let's be honest- maybe some recognition? I think that's what a lot of us want no matter what we do- to have our work be meaninful on a creative and recognizable level. If that means we have a paying job and a hobby on the side that we'd like to have as a career some day, we all need creative outlets.
So here's mine. I have dreams of where I hope this will go, let's see what happens.

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