A Dear John letter

Dear Hyde Coffee Table,
You're good looking, a bit rugged; popular- all the girls love you. I've had my eye on you for a long, long time. Maybe you don't know this, but I look at your picture and imagine us together.  I've even seen you once in a store.
But it's over. I've found a new love. One that was right here all along, and requires much less commitment. I don't know how I missed my new love all this time, but we're together now.  Our eyes met- past the ugly yellow polyester couch, and I knew...we had to be together.  And I still got a good looking table with great legs.
Thrift Shopper lover

Meet my new love:

just brought home- ready to be cleaned up

in the family room

This piece wasn't much to look at with a ratty old turntable sitting on it, and a broken 80's lamp nearby, but I knew the color and scale were exactly what I was looking for!  Previously, we had a way too small wooden chest as our table, it was really loved on and needed to be retired.  The only work I plan to do on this one is touch up some of the scratches!  If it wasn't already the perfect color for our space, it would look great in a shabby creamy white, or maybe even an apple green... a laquered black or red....that would look great!  But for now, it's staying as is.  And I got it for about one less zero than I would've paid through a catalog!  :)
Happy day!


  1. It's fabulous Denise! Love your letter too! Looks a lot like the PB one I bought in my working days that I paid way toooo much for :) Big score

  2. Thank you! Very relieved that the hubby liked it as well :)
    Now on to accessorizing!

  3. at first glance it looks as if it matches my kitchen table and hutch. it's the same stain and the legs are the same. cute letter BTW. ;) remind me to tell you the story of where my table and hutch were purchased.


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