Corner fireplace redo

Don't you just love this? I did too. It's a photo from a beach rental here in Oregon. It's actually a whole community of the most adorable little cottage rentals. If you're an HGTV follower, you may remember them being featured on there awhile back. You can see more of these darlings at but here's a few to get you drooling!

the crushed white seashells are all around the homes, and covering the walking paths

the common area- complete with playround and beach access

Anyway, on to the inspiration! I had seen the interiors of these cottages when I was on their website, and loved the look of the mantels.
We bought our house 2 years ago, and one of the things I was disappointed to see was that it featured a corner fireplace with a big cavernous space above it. We've lived in a house with that same kind of fireplace before, and I wasn't excited about Round 2. Previously, we did the ol' hoist the TV up there, but then the room was kind of stuck at an angle. In our current house, I wanted a 'traditional' fireplace look- meaning, the fireplace as it's own focal point, and the TV sort of separated from that. Also, the builder didn't put the cable connection anywhere near the corner, and we would have had black cords cascading down the side of the fireplace to reach it. Not pretty. Here's the before:

We used a large sheet of MDF, added some 2"trim strips, some crown moulding, and switched out the canned light for an eyeball light, since we had a painting we wanted to highlight. I had taken some pictures of the mantel, so I could match the same lines of the crown when we went to get our materials. We caulked everything, primed all the wood, and I was super happy with the end results!

The finished product!

My very handy and always-willing-to-lend-a-hand brother in law helped us build this. I love my new cottage looking fireplace! My dad painted this beautiful piece for us, and I hated that it didn't have the place it deserved. Now it does, and the ceilings even feel taller in our family room.

The project cost less than $50 for materials!
Fortunately for us, the builder left the paint he used so we were able to match our new wall to the existing mantel color.
Thanks for letting me share my project with you! I hope you feel inspired.


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  2. Oh it's gorgeous, what a huge impact it made on the fireplace! Great job!

  3. Hi,

    I have the same fireplace dilemma. I was told it would cost me $800 to build up. So I did some internet surfing and found you. I was wondering if you could give me any more detailed information about what I may need to make our corner fireplace look a lot more like yours. Thanks!

    1. Hi there! I started to reply over the weekend, but it was getting so long, it was becoming a blog post in itself! Maybe you could email me with the specific questions you have on this project? pinkpostcard at Glad you found me! Talk to you soon!


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