The birdfeeder is open for business

It's finally up! I haven't seen any feathered friends yet, but I just put the seed in last night, so hopefully today we'll see some new neighbors. There are some gorgeous finches in the area- they have a bright yellow front (you can tell I'm really into birdwatching! LOL) that makes them look like canaries!
I am so happy to have something like this in the yard- it really adds some personality. I couldn't resisit adding a set of house numbers to the feeder. Here's are some tips on how to hand paint from an easy stencil- I use all the time when I make signs or other fun things...
I use a clipart program that has a ton of fonts (yes, I know this is ancient software, but it still works for me!) and start with a blank page. You could use any program that allows access to fonts and the ability to size them.

Put whatever you are wanting to use as a stencil on the screen, in my case, the house numbers. I used the font, Garamond. It had a nice vintage look to it. I beefed it up a bit by hitting the bold tab- those thin little lines can be hard to paint! If you're new to this, you might want to try something a little thicker than what I used here just to get some practice. Either that, or size your lettering BIG.

Make sure that whatever you are going to be using the lettering is sized appropriately for the space you will be using it for. Print it, cut it out, and grab a pencil. Flip the paper over so the backside is up.

Begin tracing around the edges of the letters or numbers, carefully.

Tape your lettering /numbers, right side up onto what you will be painting- just enough to hold it on there for the next step. The pencil marked side needs to be touching the side you will be painting. Make sure it is straight!

Next, color over the edges of the letters or numbers- you don't have to be exact, just so you're getting the edges of the font.

Peel off the paper and tape, and the pencil marks will have traced themselves onto your piece! Voila! If you find you didn't get it on there straight, you can erase it and start over, but it's always easier to measure twice, draw once. ;)

Last, paint away to your hearts content. This project was tough, because it was already mounted when my idea for the numbers popped into my head. It would have been easier to do it inside where I could lay it down to do all this, but hey, it worked!
I added in the dots on either side with the end of my paint brush. It' so cute, I just love it.

Tomorrow is Foodie Friday- I will post the most yummy chicken taco recipe!
And last but not least, if you love quilting or fiber arts, please visit my friend Janae's website. She is ultra talented, teaches all kinds of quilting, bag making and fun projects- she even taught me to knit this last year!


  1. Great Job!!! Looks wonderful.

  2. Thank you for the kind words, you are so sweet. And your bird house is fabulous.


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